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Advocacy and Policy

Be an Advocate for Social Studies Education

There's no group better suited to be advocates for the social studies profession nor better equipped to communicate the importance of social studies education than social studies educators. NCSS's greatest resources in creating greater awareness of the importance of social studies education are our members and our councils. You have the best understanding of social studies; you are in every corner of the United States, and you can reach out to people throughout the country. It is vital that the field of social studies develop and deploy relationships that will protect and expand precious teaching time, scarce budgets, and the content and critical thinking skills that are part of social studies instruction. 


Resources for Effective Advocacy

Resources for Effective Advocacy

NCSS Advocacy Toolkit

In this Tool Kit are numerous sample materials you can use to promote social studies education. An awareness campaign, works best with a grassroots approach. Using this kit, you can influence key audiences locally.

Legislative Meeting Toolkit

  1. Scheduling a Meeting with Your Members of Congress
  2. Preparing for Your Meeting
  3. Developing Your Message
  4. Your Meeting
  5. Follow-Up

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Appropriations 101 - Want to Understand the Appropriations Process? This 101 from Committee for a Responsible Budget, will answer your burning questions.


2017 Summer Legislative Institute Resources 

Slide Decks

Responding to State Initiatives and Legislation Panel (videos)

Other Resources

Every Student Succeeds Act


Take Action

Take Action

Signup up for alerts, see the latest calls-to-action, and find how to contact your representatives - make your voice heard - YOU can make a difference!

NCSS Action Center

Calls to Action Archive



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