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NCSS House of Delegates

The NCSS House of Delegates (HOD) is composed of representatives of NCSS affiliated councils, associated groups and communities. The sessions of the House of Delegates held in connection with the major annual meeting constitutes the annual business meeting of the House of Delegates.

Affiliate Councils and Associated Groups each have House representation based upon their group memberships, while communities receive one seated delegate each. The House of Delegates provides a forum for state councils, communities and associated groups of NCSS to express ideas, recommendations, issues and concerns relating to social studies and social studies education on behalf of the general membership of NCSS.

Resolutions represent the principles, beliefs and actions that the general membership of the NCSS recommends to the NCSS Board of Directors. Resolutions may be introduced by NCSS members, the Steering Committee, the House, other House committees, NCSS committees, communities, affiliated councils, or associated groups. Seated delegates may submit resolutions on the floor of the House of Delegates in accordance with Article IX, Section 5 of the House of Delegates Manual. The Voting Body of the House of Delegates consists of the Board of Directors, certified delegates and elected members of HOD committees.

Resolutions passed by the House are sent to the Board of Directors who will then vote on the House passed resolutions. Resolutions passed by the Board of Directors are passed on to the appropriate committees for development into position statements or other appropriate action. To view the recently passed resolutions, or to submit a resolution for this year, click the links below.

House of Delegates Resolutions

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