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TSSP e-Newsletter

The Social Studies Professional — known as TSSP — is the official member newsletter of NCSS. TSSP features the latest news, new resource and professional development listings, and information on local and state meetings. TSSP is emailed as a member benefit (via HubSpot) and posted on the NCSS website twice each month.

We post the current issue of TSSP here the day it's finished. There's also an archive of past issues always at your fingertips—and the various columns (e.g., Teaching Resources; Professional Learning; Awards & Grants; Blogging; TV Plus) are perpetually updated.

Announcements, Advertising, & Guidelines

Announcements of events (training, awards, grants, or contests) must be timely: it must be likely that NCSS members will read your announcement in advance of the dates listed in your announcement.

See TSSP Guidelines for more information.

The NCSS Career Center, with information for job seekers and recruiters, is at (TSSP does not include position announcements.)

Send your announcement for consideration by e-mail to


Paid advertisements must be submitted early in the previous month.

TSSP Advertising Information