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Each One, Reach One 2017 Winners Announced

Congratulations to the 2017 winners of the Each One, Reach One drawing! NCSS thanks all participants for introducing their college students and preservice teachers to the benefits of NCSS membership. 
Janae Oveson won a one night hotel stay and registration at the 97th NCSS Annual Conference in San Francisco, CA. Janae teaches Social Studies Methods courses at Brigham Young University (BYU) in Provo, UT.  She has served as a member of the NCSS Membership committee, and teaches professional development courses for the Utah State Office of Education.

Joseph Warren won two free airline tickets to anywhere in the continental United States. Joseph has been an elementary school teacher in Salt Lake City for nine years.  He taught eight years in an urban elementary school and is currently a language arts coach working with K-8 teachers and students.  For the past five years, Mr. Warren has also been a clinical instructor for the University of Utah, specializing in social studies integration in the elementary classroom.  He is passionate about teaching elements of service learning, character education, social justice and content literacy.  Mr. Warren has conducted many workshops and professional development in early literacy instruction, student feedback as an instructional strategy and finally social studies content integration.

What Is Each One, Reach One?

“Each One, Reach One” is a program that aims to grow the membership of NCSS. Recruit new members, and you’ll be eligible to receive various prizes!

Each new member application that lists you as the sponsor also enters your name in a random drawing. For example, sign up 12 colleagues or preservice teachers to be new members of NCSS, and your name will be entered 12 times in the “Each One, Reach One” drawing for the following spring. (It’s crucial that you include your name and NCSS membership number on the membership brochure or letter requesting membership from the new member.)
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Thank you to our “Each One, Reach One” Sponsors May 2016 – April 2017

  • Thomas Kessinger
  • Gayle Thieman
  • Gregory Hamot
  • Anton Schulzki
  • Michael Berson
  • Linda Bennett
  • Michael Yell
  • Seth Altman
  • Cinthia Salinas
  • Kevin Meuwissen
  • Shirley Lomax
  • Brad Maguth
  • Bethany Vosburg-Bluem
  • Ellen Foster 
  • Rex Anderson 
  • Joseph Warren 
  • Ronald Hustvedt 
  • Serina Cinnamon 
  • Paige Solomon 
  • Katy Swalwell 
  • Sarah Segal 
  • Leanne Wyatt 
  • Susan Delapaz 
  • John Flannery 
  • Jack Zevin 
  • Tenna Gray
  • Lynn Brice
  • Carolyn J. O’Mahony 
  • Janae J. Oveson
  • Brad M. Maguth
  • Steven R. White