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Each One Reach One

Sponsor New Members and Win Prizes!

What Is It?
“Each One, Reach One” is a program that aims to grow the membership of NCSS. Recruit new members, and you’ll be eligible to receive various prizes!

How Does It Work?
Each new member application that lists you as the sponsor also enters your name in a random drawing. For example, sign up 12 colleagues or preservice teachers to be new members of NCSS, and your name will be entered 12 times in the “Each One, Reach One” drawing for the following spring. (It’s crucial that you include your name and NCSS membership number on the membership brochure or letter requesting membership from the new member.)

What Are The Prizes?
A. Annual Conference Registration and Hotel! We started this prize last year with great success. If you recruit from 1 to 10 new members, your name will go into the random drawing (1 to 10 times) for a full registration plus one night at a designated hotel at the NCSS Conference.

B. Two Free Airline Tickets! If you recruit 11 or more new members, your name will go into the random drawing (11 or more times) to receive two free airline tickets to anywhere in the continental United States! Winners will be announced in the online newsletter TSSP.

Membership Information and Applications

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