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Teaching the Racial/Cultural Identity Model using the film Malcolm X

February 28, 2017 - 7:00pm to 8:00pm EST

"The purpose of using the R/CID model to analyze and evaluate a film, such as [Malcolm X] is twofold. It allows the teacher to begin to tear down a colorblind classroom and begin to integrate Culturally Responsive Teaching (CRT)" (Nance & Williams, 2016).

In the political climate of 2017, students need to understand their own identity as citizens and people living in a diverse society. The Racial/Cultural Identity model (R/CID) is a framework to help students understand their own race but other races in their communities and US as a whole. Introducing a framework to view Malcolm X offers teachers the chance to use film in a psychology course to enhance students’ understanding of the R/CID model. Students will progress through the identity model distinguishing each stage, drawing on examples from Malcolm’s life. Finally, in an enhancement activity, students will write an autobiography of their own life experiences using the R/CID or other identity models.

The participants will:

  • Learn the Racial/Cultural Identity (R/CID) model;
  • View clips of Malcolm X and distinguish the stages using the beliefs and attitudes of the model;
  • Review Culturally Responsive Teaching and apply it to R/CID model; and
  • Gain clarification through Q&A.

Dr. Starlynn Nance is the director of the Social Studies Education program at the University of Central Missouri. She was a high school social studies teacher and counselor in Oklahoma. Her research interests include the RCID model, student teaching and citizenship. She can be reached at

Raymond Williams is a second year social studies teacher. He has taught Psychology, Sociology, Missouri State History, and World History. He is now currently working in the Blue Springs School District teaching American Government and coaching wrestling. His research interest is action research.

Registration Fee: $20 members / $40 non-members