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Teaching the EU: Bringing Modern Europe to your Classroom

This webinar hosted by staff from the European Union (EU) festures educators who have successfully incorporated EU topics into their U.S. courses. You will learn about curriculum resources available for teaching the EU, and tips to implement these learning tools in your classroom! 

This webinar provides following tools and resources.

  • Example lesson plans and activities
  • Advice and best practices from other international high school teachers
  • Access to the EU’s library of resources and tools to facilitate learning and demonstrate the importance of the EU


Regarded as one of the most successful peace projects in history, the EU is an instrumental part of modern international relations. As such, knowledge of the EU, its institutions and its policies, can be an important component to any high school social studies lesson, from social studies to economics to government and geography. 


Tim Rivera

Tim Rivera is a Programs Officer for the EU Delegation to the United States. He manages a portfolio of programs covering the breadth of the transatlantic agenda, from public diplomacy to sustainable urban development. He also serves as liaison for higher education institutions in the U.S., including a network of European Studies centers supported by the EU's Jean Monnet program. He previously worked at the British Council. You can follow the EU Delegation to the U.S. on Twitter, @EUintheUS.


Jason Knoll

Jason Knoll is in his 17th year teaching social studies at Verona Area High School in Wisconsin. In addition to teaching about the EU in his classes, he follows and comments on developments in transatlantic relations. To that end, he has written about the role teachers can play in maintaining and strengthening those relations and has led students touring Brussels to learn about the EU. You can follow him on Twitter, @jasonlknoll.


Noel Bynum

Noel Bynum is the International Education Program Coordinator at University of North Carolina’s Center for European Studies. He currently manages the outreach portfolio for the center, which includes various programs and resources for K-12 teachers and community college faculty.


Ann Heath

Ann Heath, publisher at Bedford, Freeman and Worth. After graduating from the University of Chicago, Ann spent a few years in publishing before going to graduate school. That short stint became a career. After many years publishing college textbooks in quantitative disciplines, Ann joined Bedford, Freeman & Worth Publishing in 2008 to build an AP Program. In addition to her role as Senior Program Director for High School Editorial, she is the program manager for Economics, Psychology, and Statistics.