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US History

Awaken Your Instructional Force!

Join this interactive session filled with primary sources, evidence boards, music and more, designed to help students make connections and deepen their understanding of history through the lens of inquiry-based learning.

Cold Case: 03051770

Serve in a Colonial America grand jury and grapple with historical evidence in this cold case. Will you indict? Regardless, this session will hone your investigative teaching strategy skills.

Using the Aurasma App in the Classroom

Learn how to use the Aurasma app for classroom projects and presentations. The Aurasma app makes presenting engaging, interactive, and fun for students and teachers.

Bending the Arc through History and Literature

Connect the past and present. Using a Harvard-developed action-reflection framework, re-invent history and literature education to explore social change and youth agency, and reflect them in a digital context.

2018 Outstanding Secondary Teacher of the Year

Alicen Morely, Boone High School, Boone, IA

Using Deductive Reasoning to Uncover History

History is taught in chronological order. We start from the beginning and work our way to the end. But, that's not how researchers discover history so why are we for inquiry in the opposite direction? In this talk, I show you how I've been teaching history backwards and spiraling the curriculum forwards to really strength historical thinking skills such as causality and chronology. Presenter: Alicen Morely, Boone High School, Boone, IA Chair: Jesse Haight, Clarion University of Pennsylvania, Clarion, PA


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