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US History

Activating Learning–The Thinking Classroom

Incorporate learner-centered strategies to engage students, require higher-ordered thinking and lead to deep and complex understandings. Experience a variety of quick-paced activities to invite the student voice into the classroom. We remember what we do…and what we do here is think!

Vertically Aligning AP World History, AP US History, and AP European History

Explore writing strategies to helpi students master short answer questions, document-based questions, and long essays that meet the history rubric standards for AP World, AP European, and AP US History. Receive writing rubrics and outlines for SAQ, DBQ, and LEQ. Participate in an activity to comprehend and implement an accurate thesis statement and topic sentences.

Thinking Like a Historian: How to Get Students Doing History

How do you get students to do history rather than just studying history? Learn ways to take your history classes from rote memorization of facts to true critical thinking of history by applying research-based practices and inquiry-based lessons. Get the resources to create inquiry-based lessons where students are “doing” history rather than just “studying” and memorizing history.

Allied Forces: ELAR A Catalyst for Social Studies Success

Writing is a mode of learning across all content areas. By viewing our content area through an ELAR lens, students internalize social studies concepts while increasing their repertoire and refining their writing craft. The alliance between social studies and ELAR supports student success on standardized assessments and college readiness.


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