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NCSS President's Message

Advocating for the Future of Social Studies: Be a Nation-Builder

India Meissel-March 2019

Within my remarks from the President’s Breakfast at NCSS Chicago, I asked attendees a few basic questions regarding our profession: What about us? What about the future of Social Studies? How do we advocate for a profession that continues to be marginalized and underfunded?  While there is no finite list of resources for advocating for social studies, NCSS and its members continue to work hard to keep social studies in the spotlight daily. Some of the recent efforts include:

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The Future Begins Now

Richard Palmer-January 2019

India Meissel-January 2019-- 

When you spend over two years planning a national conference, you tend to become almost a parent to that conference. So, when it came time to write this month’s President’s Message, I quickly realized that I was too close to be totally objective. As I struggled to find the words to wrap up NCSS Chicago, my mind kept drifting back to the “Building the Future” part of the conference theme. Returning to the mentoring message from Friday morning, one line kept coming to mind: “…find that person who can challenge you, advise you, celebrate you, help you embrace being reflective, and encourage you to take risks.

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It all begins with us.

India Meissel-November 2018

Somewhere in my first year or so of teaching, a colleague once indicated that “As a teacher you become comfortable in all positions of authority as you stand before students, eager to recite to them all that you have learned from college textbooks, teacher workshops, and in-service days. We are protected, surrounded by volumes of knowledge that keeps us safe from the real world.”​

I somehow doubt that this colleague ever would have believed in an America where in the short course of one week there could have been a school shooting in Matthews, North Carolina, a massacre of Jews in Pittsburgh as they gathered for Shabbat services, the shooting of two African-Americans in Kentucky as they shopped for groceries, and a myriad of pipe bombs mailed to prominent Democrats. 

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Rho Kappa Wants YOU!

India Meissel-October 2018

At the fall board meeting, the NCSS Board of Directors approved some new and exciting changes to the Rho Kappa National Social Studies Honor Society starting in the fall of 2019. Among the changes will be the formation of a junior level of the society and the establishment of a scholarship program for outstanding high school seniors. As the Rho Kappa Advisory Board works to develop the guidelines for these new programs, I offer the following as to why you should give your students a voice and charter a Rho Kappa Chapter in your school.

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Having a Sense of Community

India Meissel-September 2018

“Christmas has arrived!”

As one of my colleagues entered my room with a large box, I thought “intriguing”, but not quite what I had expected to hear on the first day of teacher pre-service week. However, when we opened the box, I understood.

Last spring, Old Dominion University reached out to schools in its geographic area with a desire to recognize university alumni with shirts and pennants. As the demand was so great, the shirts, pennants, and pens (bonus points for them having red ink!) arrived only recently. Thus, Christmas in August.

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President's Message: Bon Bons and Binge TV

India Meissel-August 2018

“It must be nice to have your summers off!”

(OK, go ahead and insert your cringe worthy eye roll here.)

We’ve all heard this before, and I suspect many (if not most) of you hear it more than a few times yearly. While everyone else believes that teachers spend their summers eating bon bons and binge-watching shows that they were unable to watch during the academic year, teachers know that this premise could not be farther from the truth.

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Farewell Message from NCSS President Terry Cherry

Terry Cherry-June 2018

June 30, 2018 will end my term as President of the National Council for the Social Studies (NCSS). The time I spent as President has been a roller coaster ride, with highs, lows, twists, and loops. As the ride ends, I am glad I went on it and would do it over again if I could.

NCSS is approaching its 100th anniversary, which will be celebrated in 2020. That year our country will also elect a president, participate in the summer Olympics in Japan, celebrate the centennial of the 19th Amendment, and certainly witness other major events.

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