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Kenneth C. Davis Offers Free Virtual Classrooms

In September 2019, author Kenneth C. Davis began offering a limited round of free virtual classroom visits on the subject of democracy and dictatorships. 

To have your class considered for a free virtual visit, fill out a Contact Form at specifying your school location, the grade level, and your class size. (Multiple classes are welcomed.) Davis will continue these visits throughout the school year, subject to his availability. 

The intent of the virtual visits is to speak with middle school and high school students and their teachers about what democracy is, what threatens democracy today, and how to protect it. As the coming presidential election year draws closer, the issue of civic engagement is more important than ever. 

The virtual visit will draw on the subject of Davis’s forthcoming book—Strongman: The Rise of Five Dictators and the Fall of Democracy. Scheduled for publication in October 2020, the book will provide accounts of five of the most murderous dictators in modern history and the death of democracy. 

Kenneth C. Davis’s goal in working with teachers and NCSS members is to lead the way in starting vital conversations on this important issue.