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Expanding Visions/Bridging Traditions

Making History: Deep, Permanent, and Transferable Understanding through Conceptual Modeling

Ethnic Studies: Essential for Democracy

Learn how Ethnic Studies (ES) is transforming education in Oakland, where teachers use an ES framework to reflect on their pedagogy. Develop an ES inquiry into your teaching.

Political Lessons in Harry Potter

Explore the political themes that can be taken collectively from the Harry Potter series, and how literature, even fictional literature, can shift political opinion.

Bringing the Civil Rights Movement Home

See how you can make the civil rights movement real for your students by connecting it to local history through the use of primary documents and historical detection.

Civics is Cool Again: Debating Our Constitution

Civics Renewal Network offers a fast-paced survey of the best online resources for debating the Constitution, engaging in civil discourse about controversial topics, and finding primary sources and professional development opportunities.

Congress, Mr. Madison, and the Legacy of Republicanism

Participate in an interactive role-play lesson plan demonstration based on Madison's Notes from the Constitutional Convention. Participants explore constitutional principles at issue in the debates that created Congress.


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