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Play Like a Pirate: Engage Students with Toys, Games, and Comics

Quinn Rollins, Play Like a Pirate: Engage Students with Toys, Games, and Comics. San Diego, CA: Dave Burgess Consulting, Inc., 2016, Paperback, 164 pp., $24.95.

Here’s an informal book review, excerpts from a blog posting  (, by NCSS member Kaye Rizzuto (who teaches  8th and 9th grade U.S. History as well as AP Human Geography at Elk Ridge Middle School in South Jordan, Utah:

“Our own Quinn Rollins, former UCSS [Utah Council for the Social Studies] president, has recently published a book called Play Like a Pirate. I highly recommend the book. It has great ideas for engaging your students which will help make school fun again among all the tests students are required to take …Yesterday in class I had a student ask me if I knew how to do the dab dance move. It has been a trend going around our school. I said that I would do it for them when everyone was finished with their graphic organizer. Suddenly all the students were fast at work trying to get it done because they wanted to see me do the silly move. Of course they all finished and I thought in my head that instead of being embarrassed, I would just “Play like a Pirate” and have fun with it. So I did and the students loved it. The rest of the day students came running to class begging me to do it. I noticed that after doing the dab, that even though the kids laughed and cheered, they also got engaged in our discussion about the upcoming caucus and candidates … If you use the strategies that Quinn provides, you will see more engagement in your classes.