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Resources for Teaching the Constitution


"Voting Rights and Literacy Tests"

R. Z. Seitz and P. T. Chandler, MLL, Sept. 2016

Teaching Privacy in the 21st Century

—Odette Edbrooke and Meg Leta Ambrose, Social Education, September 2012
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Resolution and Letter to Congress from the Constitutional Convention

-Lee Ann Potter Social Education, September 2005,

The First Act of Congress

-Lee Ann Potter Social Education (Nov/Dec 2004).

Lesson Plans on the Constitution

-Stacie Fieth and Neil Deason Social Education, September 2005.
Teaching with Documents

The First Page of the Official Journal of the Constitutional Convention—Just the Tip of a Records Iceberg!

Lee Ann Potter, Social Education, September 2012

Other Online Resources

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The Constitutional Amendment Process

-Kahlil Chism Social Education (Nov/Dec 2005).

The Words We Live By: The Constitution in Context

-Linda Monk Social Education (Nov/Dec 2003).
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Population Estimates Used by Congress during the Constitutional Convention

-Lee Ann Potter Social Education, September 2006.

Constitution Day: Start the School Year with Civics

-Eli Lesser Social Education, September 2006

An Internet Guide to Teaching the Constitution

-C. Frederick Risinger Social Education, September 2005.

Living Democracy: How Constitution High School Molds Better Citizens

-Marc Brasoff Social Education (September 2009).

What Having Students 'Write the Constitution' Taught Me

-Thomas Ladenburg Middle Level Learning (May/June 2008).

Frederick Douglass, The Constitution and Slavery: A Classroom Debate

-Vanessa Rodriguez Middle Level Learning (September 2008).