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Coaching the Coaches Part 2: C3 Framework Rubric

In the last webinar, we discussed the importance the NCLE Asset Inventory and the Collaborative Learning Continuum. You  placed yourself as a learner and your collaborative team on the continuum. Think about the goals you set for working together as a collaborative team with that inventory. Where would you place yourself and team now? (Think about criterion that best fits your level of collaboration today.)  


This investigation is designed to help team leaders facilitate teacher networks and provides support to coaches to work with  teachers around developing, implementing, and assessing C3 Framework lessons/units to inform instructional practice.  


  • Help team leaders facilitate learning with their C3 Framework team
  • Help strengthen instruction through collaborative learning about the C3 Framework
  • Help teachers develop, implement and assess C3 Framework lessons/units.  

This investigation has three parts: InvestigateCreate, and Connect. Please be sure to do all three sections.


Introduction to C3 Framework Rubric

  • Think about where you are on the continuum, because as collaborative learners you will be looking at the C3 Framework Rubric in relationship to lesson and unit design.


  • Take a moment to watch the C3 Framework Rubric webinar.  This webinar was designed to give background about a tool created to assess the alignment of C3 Framework lessons and units to the intent of the C3 Framework.  As you’re watching, think about how your team will collaborate around using this tool in developing and assessing the alignment of C3 Framework lessons and units.  

Reflect and Discuss

  • In the webinar, you observed a collaborative team using the C3 Framework Rubric to assess a lesson.  What stood out as they used the C3 Framework Rubric?  
  • How will your team implement the rubric in your own setting?

Post here your reflections and discussions. Also respond to your fellow Team Leader reflection posts.  Tag this post with "C3 Rubric Use"


Create: C3 Framework Rubric Learning

Post as a blog in your Exchange group:

  • your scored unit
  • OR the unit you developed
  • OR the example that you scored

Tag this post with "Rubric Learning"


What? So What? Now What?

  • What? Think about this investigation holistically.  What did you learn about working as a collaborative team through the lens of the C3 Framework Rubric?  

  • So What? Why do you think working in a collaborative team matters, especially when creating and assessing units around the C3 Framework?  How is working collectively more powerful than in isolation?  How will you ensure your team can sustain this?  How does the C3 Framework Rubric help guide your understanding of full implementation of the C3 Framework?

  • Now What?  How will the C3 Framework Rubric support your collaborative learning team? What will your group’s next steps be?

In your group's space on the Exchange, post a blog that speaks to your group's experience in using the rubric and what you feel you learned from that shared process. Tag this post with "Collaboration via C3 Rubric"

In this C3 Literacy Collaborative group discussion forum, share from one team leader to another (one coach to another) what went well and what you would do differently next time around.