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Social Education September 2003


Low Expectations and Less Learning

Monty Neill
Current attempts to improve education are actually exacerbating existing problems.

In Focus: No Child Left Behind


The Shrinking of Social Studies

Robert W. Howard
Standards-based reform has forced teachers to focus on tested subjects to the detriment of crucial disciplines like social studies.



No Child Left Behind: The Impact on Social Studies Classrooms

Prepared by the Staff of Social Education
Leading NCSS members reveal the effects of No Child Left Behind on their schools and their classroom teaching.



Where's the History?

Stuart Phipps and Susan Adler
The authors respond to charges that NCSS has downplayed history’s role in the curriculum.

In Focus: Iraq


Iraq Today: The Challenge of Securing the Peace

Choices Education Program, Watson Institute, Brown University
This lesson plan enables students to explore divergent policy alternatives on handling post-war Iraq.






Editor's Notebook

Cover Story: Teaching With Documents


Letter from Archibald MacLeish about Relocating the Charters of Freedom during World War II

Michael Hussey and Lee Ann Potter
During World War II, the Library of Congress went to extraordinary lengths to protect the nation’s founding documents in case of an attack on the capital.



African American Women and Espionage in the Civil War

Theresa McDevitt
African American women played key roles in the Civil War, providing valuable military intelligence to the Union army.



The Escape of the Pearl

Susan Hoffman Fishman
The attempted escape of more than seventy slaves aboard a ship called the Pearl spotlights issues of morality and law, slavery in a democratic society, and the inherent challenges in deciphering history.



Witnessing the Making of History: The Trial of Slobodan Milosevic

Samuel Totten
The author describes the United Nations judicial process at The Hague while providing a powerful first-hand account of Slobodan Milosevic’s trial.

Elementary Education


Working with the Textbook: How to Enhance Student Motivation

Patrick P. McCabe
Educators who directly address a textbook’s style, calling attention to text features, can transform a class of unengaged students into a highly motivated group.

Point of View