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Social Education October 2004


James Meredith at Ole Miss: Victory over Discrimination

Candace D. Fisk and Beth Hurst
This story of James Meredith’s fight to integrate an all-white state university serves as a clear example of each individual’s ability to affect social change.    





On the Other Side

Lee Ann Potter
The value of an historical document goes far beyond its obvious content, and includes such obscure clues as notations scribbled hastily on the back.

Teaching With Documents


Buttons to Bumper Stickers: Political Campaign Memorabilia

Lee Ann Potter
From George Washington to George W. Bush, politicians have used campaign memorabilia to capture the attention of voters. By studying these items, students can learn a great deal about historical issues and candidates.

Surfing the Net


Presidential Elections in Song, Verse, Commercials, and More

C. Frederick Risinger
There are numerous ways to learn about presidents and their administrations; in this article, the author outlines some unique websites to help students and teachers explore them.

Election 2004


The Verdict of the Keys

Allan J. Lichtman
Is it possible to predict the winner of the presidential election? This historically-based forecasting system hasn’t been wrong yet in predicting the winner of the popular vote.

Election 2004


Teaching about Election 2004 through the International Media

Jana Sackman Eaton
Looking at media reports from around the world enables a broader discussion on the U.S. election and election issues.

Looking at the Law


Voting Technology and the Law: From Chads to Fads and Somewhere in Between

Elizabeth M. Yang and Kristi Gaines
A look at current laws and at the evolution of voting technology provides a solid background for a discussion on the integrity of our electoral system.

Looking at the Law


Supreme Court Roundup

Charles F. Williams
In its most recent term, the Supreme Court considered a range of important cases relating to the “War on Terror,” federalism, and sentencing guidelines. The author reviews some of the Court’s most significant rulings.



Tinderbox: Economics, Immigration, and Education in a North Carolina Town

James A. Bryant, Jr.
One town’s experience of factory shutdowns and layoffs, coupled by an influx of immigrants, offers a rich opportunity to teach about the outsourcing of jobs while dispelling xenophobic myths and stereotypes.