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Social Education November/December 2007

Teaching with Documents
1889 Consular Dispatch from Baghdad Lee Ann Potter
The featured document from the first U.S. consul in Baghdad serves as an excellent point of departure for studying the nineteenth century links between the United States and the Middle East. Secondary Level     US History

Puritan Day: A Social Science Simulation Joan Brodsky Schur
Eighth-grade students gain a greater understanding of social control and tyranny when they participate in a Puritan Day simulation. Middle Level     US History

Degrees of Freedom: A Five-Part Framework for School Leadership Sam Chaltain
Key strategies outlined in this article describe how educators can foster democratic schools that honor individual freedom and civic responsibility without turning the asylum over to the inmates. Secondary Level    
Looking at the Law
Chew Heong v. United States: Chinese Exclusion and the Federal Courts Edited by James H. Landman
A close look at the case of Chew Heong, a Chinese immigrant who challenged the nineteenth-century Chinese exclusion laws, provides important insight into early U.S. efforts to control immigration. Secondary Level     Law-Related

Media Construction of Presidential Campaigns Chris Sperry, Sox Sperry
A study of select campaign posters, cartoons, and ads teaches students to critically analyze messages from media sources and to understand the role media have played throughout the history of American elections. Secondary Level     Civics/Government

The Great Communicator Files Mira Cohen
Students will learn a great deal about the process of presidential speechwriting when they study primary documents related to well-known speeches such as President Reagan's Omaha Beach Memorial Remarks. Secondary Level     Civics/Government, US History
Surfing the Net
Crossing Borders and Building Bridges Using the Internet C. Frederick Risinger
In keeping with this year's NCSS conference theme, the author offers a list of websites that successfully link teachers and students together through pen pal programs, paired classrooms, or partner schools. Secondary Level     Global Connections

Humanities and the Social Studies: Studying the Civil War through the Third Space Trace Schillinger
Blurring the boundaries between disciplines can yield notable results, as was demonstrated when an eighth-grade class approached history through literary activities. Secondary Level     US History

Researching the Viet Nam War Inside Viet Nam: U.S. Student Teachers Explore War Myths Robert E. Vadas
Aiming to correct myths about the Viet Nam War, this author regularly leads groups of students to learn about the country firsthand. Secondary Level     US History, Global Connections

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