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The Library of Congress & Novice Researchers: Entry Points and Interplay

Explore how primary sources can play a key role in learning research skills. This webinar will illustrate areas in an inquiry research process where primary sources can play a key role as well as how primary sources interplay with each other and with secondary sources to impact student learning.


We the Students: Bringing the Presidential Election to Life in the Classroom

Are you looking for meaningful ways to bring the presidential election to life in social studies classrooms? This webinar will provide a framework for students to discuss controversial issues, connect national events to their daily lives, and ultimately engage in the civic process.


Teaching About Syria and the Rise of ISIS

This webinar will share key details and teaching resources on the humanitarian crisis in Syria and the rise of ISIS. Hear from the Director of, Andrew Beiter, on the current situation on the ground, how to approach this topic with your students, and how your students can take action.

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Building Your Professional Identity as a Culturally Responsive Educator

This webinar will introduce participants to theory, research, and practice related to developing curriculum and instructional practices that respond to the social context in which they work, and will cover principles and approaches to building a professional identity as a cultural responsive educator.


Democracy Is Not a Spectator Sport: The Vital Role of Social Studies in Safeguarding Our Rights

"America is an exceptional nation built on a Declaration of Independence and a Constitution that offer a rare collection of inalienable rights and guaranteed freedoms: freedom of speech; freedom of religion; freedom to assemble; freedom of the press; the right to vote; the right to appeal; the right to bear arms. But let’s be honest.


Teaching the EU: Bringing Modern Europe to your Classroom

This webinar hosted by staff from the European Union (EU) festures educators who have successfully incorporated EU topics into their U.S. courses. You will learn about curriculum resources available for teaching the EU, and tips to implement these learning tools in your classroom! 


The Library of Congress for Teachers: “Layer Upon Layer of Awesome”

Explore what the Library of Congress has for teachers, including primary source sets and lesson plans for teaching with primary sources, and professional development opportunities. Take a quick tour of ways to connect with experts from the Library and tap into the Library’s vast collections to find even more resources for your classroom.


Look Back. See Further. Analyzing Photographs from the Library of Congress Collection

The Teaching with Primary Sources Program (TPS) at the University of the Arts created a guide to studying photographs, Look Back. See Further: Studying photographs and drawing connections between primary sources from the Library of Congress and local collections.