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How We Argue: A Workshop for Social Studies Teachers

August 5, 2019 to August 7, 2019

How do we discuss controversial topics? Often, it seems, we rely upon superficial research of the facts, intimidation, or appeals to emotion. Yet, democracy depends on citizens charitably and accurately engaging each other’s arguments.

In this workshop, we introduce ​argument mapping​: a simple, powerful, ​research-backed method for applying logical rigor to writing and classroom discussions. ​Visualizing the structure of arguments makes students more precise, confident thinkers across disciplines. ​Harvard philosophers have partnered with social studies teachers to develop and test this method with students. This workshop will provide teachers with tools, resources, and best practices that you can implement immediately to support student learning.



Anne Sanderson is CEO and Co-Founder of ThinkerAnalytix and an Associate in the Harvard Philosophy Department. She taught high school English in California and Massachusetts schools for 25 years.

Nate Otey is COO and Lead Instructor for ThinkerAnalytix and a Fellow in the Harvard Philosophy Department. He is also a co-founder of ThoughtFull.

Jonathan Haber is the author of Critical Voter, a curriculum that uses presidential politics to teach critical thinking. His professional background is in assessment, educational standards, certification and curriculum development.

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