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Benefits of Membership

NCSS Publications

All NCSS members receive a subscription to one of our acclaimed journals. You can download one free sample from each journal now at The online Publications Archive is available to members only. NCSS members also receive substantial discounts on all publications and merchandise from our catalog.

Our flagship journal, Social Education, contains a balance of theoretical content and practical ideas for classroom use. Resources include techniques for using teaching materials in the classroom, information on the latest instructional technology, reviews of educational media, research on significant topics related to social studies, and lesson plans that can be applied to various disciplines. Social Education is published 6 times per year, September through June. “Notable Social Studies Trade Books for Young People” is published each year as an insert to the May/June issue of Social Education.

Middle Level Learning is a supplement that focuses on social studies in the middle grades. MLL is published 3 times a year as an online PDF. The current issue is online, and all MLL back issues are available to NCSS members only at the Archive of Publications. All members of NCSS have access to the online MLL.

For K-6 teachers, we offer the peer-reviewed journal Social Studies and the Young Learner. The goal of SSYL is to capture and enthuse elementary teachers across the country by providing relevant and useful information about the teaching of social studies to elementary students. SSYL is published quarterly, September through May. You also receive the September and May/June issue of the flagship journal, Social Education. (“Notable Trade Books for Young People” is published each year as an insert to the May/June issue of Social Education, so you will always receive that too.) And you have access to the online Middle Level Learning.

Members who choose the “Comprehensive” option (when they join or renew) also receive NCSS Bulletins, which are in-depth publications in book form. Bulletins focus on specific disciplines within social studies disciplines and pedagogy (such as service learning, teaching history in the middle grades, or teaching social studies to ESL students).

Current Professional News

The Social Studies Professional (TSSP) is the official newsletter of NCSS, featuring the latest news, new resource and professional development listings, and information on local and state meetings. TSSP is published 8 times per year (January/February, March, April, May/June, July/August, September, October, and November/December). It is an electronic publication available online to members at the Publications Archive. To learn more about our newsletter visit the TSSP webpage:

U.S. History Collection

The online U.S. History Collection is easy to search! It includes a collection of classroom activities, teaching ideas, and articles from Social Education, Middle Level Learning, and Social Studies and the Young Learner. Search by historical period, grade level, or key word. Anybody can browse the collection and read titles and abstracts–but you must be a member of NCSS to have access to the full articles. Check out the collection today:

Annual Conference

The NCSS Annual Conference is a news-making event that brings social studies educators together from all across the nation. More than 400 sessions, workshops, and clinics, bring together top professionals in social studies education and highlight the central role of social studies in our schools—preparing 21st century citizens for college, career, and citizenship in a complex world. Awards are presented for teachers of the year, programs of excellence, and many other categories. Notable speakers give keynote presentations on each day of the Conference, which is held in a different city each year (Washington, DC every fifth year). Come to listen, learn, and celebrate. Members receive discounted registration rates for our Annual Conference. Submit a session proposal (December through early February) about your own best lesson!

Check out the conference webpage for the latest updates!

Internet Resources

The NCSS website is a portal to all that NCSS does as your professional association. As a member, you can access the Publications Archive, where you can download current and past issues of the TSSP newsletter, Middle Level Learning, and the journals Social Education and Social Studies and the Young Learner. As a member, you can search the U.S. History Collection by grade level, historical period, or key word and then access articles as PDFs. Connected is a new online network where members of NCSS can meet and communicate with one another through discussion e-groups. At Connected, you can

  • post your profile or search the member networking directory;
  • search and connect with people you’ve met so that you can stay in touch;
  • post messages to discussion lists to keep topical conversations going; and
  • share presentations, pictures, documents, videos or other content with your colleagues.

Click the following link to check out the new site and start getting CONNECTED:

Finally, as a member, you can update your own member record at any time. For example, if you move, you can change your mailing address. The NCSS website is under constant development and improvement, and we welcome your input!

Legislative Network

Through local, state, and regional council networks NCSS keeps members on top of proposed laws and regulations that affect the social studies profession. check out the latest legislative update at


NCSS Members are part of a professional association that asserts the voice of social studies teachers in our national life. For example, as curriculum standards are shaped nationally, NCSS is an active participant on the national standards panels. NCSS publishes National Curriculum Standards for Social Studies: A Framework for Teaching, Learning, and Assessment. NCSS publishes Position Statements that address (for educators, the media, and the public) important and controversial topics in the teaching of social studies. The NCSS Annual Conference showcases excellence in social studies teaching, kindergarten through college. Take a look at the NCSS Curriculum Standards and Position Statements on our website at: and

Serve Your Profession

You have many opportunities to serve the social studies profession through this national association. Serve on a committee to help choose award and grant winners or advise NCSS on its operations. Help review session proposals for the Annual Conference. Serve on an editorial advisory committee for one of the NCSS peer-reviewed journals. Be a leading voice at one of the Internet discussion forums at Connected. Also, join your state council and develop your own leadership skills by representing your state council in the House of Delegates at the NCSS Annual Conference. Every member of NCSS is invited to cast a vote for members of the Board of Directors. Eventually, you could even be a candidate to serve on the NCSS Board of Directors. NCSS is your organization! It’s your turn to step up to the plate! Click on the following links to learn about how you can get involved!

Professional Development

NCSS provides its members with a number of professional development opportunities. Click the links below to see how NCSS can help support your professional growth. Lower prices for NCSS members apply to many of these items.

  1. NCSS Summer Workshops NCSS annually offers summer professional development workshops. For a list of upcoming workshops visit the summer workshops webpage

  2. State, Regional, and Local Conferences NCSS affiliate conferences offer great professional development and regional networking opportunities. NCSS compiles a list of affiliate conferences at

  3. NCSS Annual Conference Every year, NCSS hosts an annual conference, where you can discover the new ideas, resources, techniques, and skills that will pay off in your classroom, school, or district, and invigorate your career. Read about this year’s premier professional development event at annual conference

  4. NCSS Awards and Grants NCSS annually recognizes teachers, researchers, authors, and other worthy individuals or programs. To learn about NCSS award and grant opportunities and application procedures, please check out the NCSS Awards and Grants webpages at

  5. Postings of Announcements and Opportunities For NCSS members there is the newsletter The Social Studies Professional, which includes professional development listings. Read about it at Newsletter. NCSS also provides a webpage where anybody can post professional development opportunities of interest to NCSS members, at


NCSS giving opportunities help to support and strengthen the profession. To learn about the different NCSS funds and how to contribute please visit our website at:


Save on insurance with our members-only discounts. Enrollment in our group insurance plan provides substantial savings and numerous options such as professional liability insurance, TDA program, cancer coverage, Medicare supplement, and other options for NCSS members and their families. smarrow.gifGet More Information on NCSS Insurance Programs

Information Services

NCSS assists you in locating and acquiring curriculum standards, recommendations and guidelines, articles from NCSS journals, and other social studies education related resources.

Member Discounts

NCSS members receive substantial discounts on all publications and merchandise from our catalog. Members also receive discounted registration rates for our Annual Conference.

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