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Application deadline is extended to June 27, 2018.  for K-12 Classroom Teacher At-Large and Elementary Classroom Teacher Categories

NCSS seeks candidates for Board of Directors in the At-Large K-12 classroom teacher and elementary classroom teacher categories. You may nominate yourself, or recommend a colleague member who has experience as an NCSS Associated Group or Affiliated Council leader. Recommendations may be sent to the Nominations and Elections Committee. NCSS encourages all members to recommend possible candidates.

Proposed resolutions are now being accepted for discussion by the 62nd House of Delegates Assembly at the NCSS Annual Conference in Chicago. We welcome proposed resolutions based on the submission guidelines and categories listed below. We also invite all sponsors to include any resources you would like to develop to raise the profile and impact of your proposed resolution. Please remember to get approval from your Board or group leaders (as appropriate) on any proposed resolution prior to submission.

All proposed resolutions are due by Friday, August 31, 2018

NCSS Executive Director Larry Paska, with Board member Mary Ellen Daneels and Utah Social Studies educator Robert Austin discuss the state of social studies on the "Education Talk Radio PreK-20" podcast on May 31.



The National Council for the Social Studies (NCSS) has approved the position statement Toward Responsibility: Social Studies Education that Respects and Affirms Indigenous Peoples and Nations. The statement affirms the long-term NCSS commitment and responsibility to support social studies education that recognizes and integrates meaningful in-depth perspectives and analyses of Indigenous Peoples and Nations.

The National Council for the Social Studies (NCSS) Board of Directors has approved a position statement Affirming Support for Alternatives to the USCIS Naturalization Test as a Measure of the Civic Knowledge, Skills, and Dispositions of Students. This statement calls on local and state level education decision-makers, as well as teachers, to choose from the many existing quality civics assessments aligned with quality instruction and to utilize them, instead of the USCIS Naturalization

President Trump signed the FY 2018 Omnibus Bill on Friday, March 23. This spending bill will fund the government for the remaining six months of the 2018 fiscal year ending September 30, and includes billions more than reflected in the President’s FY 2018 Budget Request released last May. 

National Council for the Social Studies (NCSS) Immediate Past President Peggy Jackson was honored at Moriarty High School in Moriarty Edgewood School District, New Mexico, at a surprise ceremony that announced that she is one of five teachers to be inducted into the National Teachers Hall of Fame in 2018 on June 22 in Emporia, Kansas.

The House of Delegates (HOD) provides a forum for the general membership of NCSS, as represented by state councils, communities, and associated groups, to bring ideas, principles, beliefs, and actions regarding social studies education to the attention of the NCSS Board of Directors. Resolutions are the framework through which the NCSS membership at-large makes recommendations to the Board.

Inquiry Design Model: Building Inquiries in Social Studies

New from NCSS Publications, Inquiry Design Model: Building Inquiries in Social Studies is comprehensive, in-depth guide for teachers who want to build classroom inquiries based on the College, Career, and Civic Life (C3) Framework. The authors demonstrate how to construct effective Inquiry Design Model (IDM) blueprints that incorporate engaging questions, tasks, and sources. 

July 23, 2018 to July 24, 2018

Sponsored by C3 Teachers and National Council for the Social Studies, the IDM Summer Institute features hands-on opportunities for teachers to develop inquiry materials for use in their classrooms. The institute will focus on introducing IDM and crafting inquiries, combination of whole group and small group work with classroom teachers, administrators, curriculum specialists/coaches. We will provide the tools and connections educational leaders need to deliver an IDM workshop in their schools or school systems and to scale up the IDM approach. 
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