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Secondary/High School

Outstanding Social Studies Teacher of the Year Panel

Enhance your teaching strategies toolbox by joining the 2017 Outstanding Social Studies Teachers of the Year as they share how they used tools such as the C3 Framework and NCSS Themes to bring their instruction to the next level by engaging students in meaningful learning.

Happy Professional Development in an Unhappy Time: Learning to Teach for Historical Thinking in a High-Pressure Accountability Context

Teachers benefit when professional development in historical thinking is longitudinal, collaborative, and learning-focused, with opportunities to discuss and try new practices in an intellectually nourishing environment. These aims can be confounded by school policy contexts that overemphasize achievement tests as accountability mechanisms. This presentation examines the interactions of PD and accountability pressures, with guidelines for program development and practices.

Migration Stories: A Documentary Film Project

High school students in Seattle created a series of short documentary films that told the stories of immigrants in their school with the goal of increasing empathy among their peers. See how the Migration Stories Projects came to life.

Impacting Student Writing and Thinking: Big History Project Teachers Perspectives

Content is not curriculum. Developing student practices in writing and thinking requires consistency, clarity, and strong pedagogical thinking. Professor Bob Bain and teachers from the Big History Project will discuss their approaches (and successes) in using BHP course resources to teach wide range of students to "think on paper."

Go Global - Increase the Peace

Teach students how to prevent World War III! Learn how to set up collaborative online projects with international classrooms using e-mail, photos, Youtube, Skype, and Google Apps. Students LOVE it!

Where are the Social Studies in STREAM Education?

Science, technology, religion, engineering, arts, and mathematics. Social studies should cross all of these content areas. Learn how a move from STEM to a STREAM model enhances all content areas.


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