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Secondary/High School

Inquiry, Evidence Based Writing, and DBQ Online: Do You DBQ?

The DBQ Project is excited to demo our new DBQ online platform. For those already familiar with our methodology, come see if the online version is right for you. For those new to DBQ, this session will also overview our 6-step teaching method and address issues of equity when involving students in historical inquiries using documents.

Seven-Day Study Tour to Japan

What can we learn from Japan’s society and economy today? Get insights for your classroom and learn more about the expenses-paid Keizai Koho Center study tour to Japan.

Teaching Tools in the Middle East

Learn about and take home a variety of high-quality online tools and teaching resources about the Middle East while also learning about related grant and professional development opportunities.

Project-Based Learning: Give it a Try!

Project America is project-based, digital, and connects students to experts in the field. Learn the elements of rigorous project-based learning and leave with a social studies unit to try.

The Adopt a Country Project

The Adopt a Country Project enables students to learn about culture, history and current events of adopted countries; showcase research by designing a website; teach students; and experience life in adopted countries by utilizing virtual reality goggles. Students also identify and address a social issue faced by their adopted country and take informed action on their path to global citizenship.

Civic Capstones Can Save Social Studies

Civic Capstones provide students with the opportunity to use the C3 Framework and the Inquiry Design Model to become the citizens our nation needs. Learn how to build a capstone, how to use inquiry to empower students, and how this product provides a deeper meaning to students transitioning into their college, career, and civic lives.


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