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Secondary Level

Connecting with the Past (Teaching with Documents)

--Lee Ann Potter
History becomes much more than past events and important dates, when students investigate the subtle clues buried in primary sources: Battle of Gettysburg map (1863); Yeager's letter about his flight of the XS-1 (1947); Manhattan Project letter (1945).

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Affidavit in the Case of [em]Orville and Wilbur Wright vs. Glenn H. Curtiss[/em] (Teaching with Documents)

--Kahlil G. Chism and Lee Ann Potter
Orville and Wilbur Wright were not the only inventors working on airplane innovations. But the Wright brothers’ patent gave them a tremendous advantage and inhibited manufacturers from producing planes for a time just before World War I.

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“The World Hangs in the Balance”: George C. Marshall and the European Recovery Plan

--Rachel Yarnell Thompson
This retrospective on the Marshall Plan for post-World War II Europe offers an assessment of a successful U.S. reconstruction program that benefited both the donor and the recipients.

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Historical Fiction to Historical Fact: [em]Gangs of New York[/em] and the Whitewashing of History

--Benjamin Justice
Martin Scorsese’s movie joins a long list of films that have attempted to cater to the public’s fascination with history. Although promises of historical accuracy may woo movie goers to the theater, the author argues that big budget films should not pass fiction off as fact.

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