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Secondary/High School

Taming the Impulsive Beast: Self-Control as Our Greatest Human Strength

Sponsored by the NCSS Psychology Community.

When asked to consider their personal heroes, many people list inspirational figures who overcame tremendous odds to achieve success. We place these people on pedestals because they share a common human strength: self control. Learn how self-control relies on a limited energy resource that becomes depleted after prior use and the interplay between self-control and personality, biological, and social processes. Receive useful activities to reconsider factors that contribute to their academic, personal, and relationship success.

Documents in Korean History Since 1200

Discover the rich documentary heritage of Korea and its global connections since 1200. Review copies of important documents from Korean history and receive practical classroom applications for World History classes.

Teaching Media Literacy in an Era of Fake News

Explore the difference between propaganda, advertisement, news, and opinion writing while becoming familiar with standards of journalistic ethics, using historical examples from Bill of Rights Institute resources.


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