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Higher Education

CUFA-FASSE Grant Presentation

Anti-Racist Teacher Efficacy: Toward Justice-Oriented Teaching in Missouri

This project explores the influence of white fragility on the pedagogical choices that teachers make. Findings from a statewide survey of teachers in Missouri will be discussed.

The Activist's Guide to Teaching and Resistance

Develop critical skills related to organizing and creative action in order to promote justice-oriented student agency in the classroom. This session will privilege antiracist, queer, and pro-worker activisms.

Innovative and Collaborative Teacher Transformation

Discover the power of interdisciplinary, collaborative planning using micro-credentialing for teachers to develop skill in civic-mindedness. Create inquiry-based civic lessons using Library of Congress resources.

2018 Exemplary Research in Social Studies Award

Dr. Wayne Journell
University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Greensboro, North Carolina

Grabbing the Third Rail: Teaching Politics in Secondary Education

Many teachers have become afraid to broach political issues in their classrooms. However, helping students become politically aware is an imperative of effective civic education. This presentation, which is based on the book Teaching Politics in Secondary Education: Engaging with Contentious Issues, will discuss reasons for incorporating politics into the curriculum, as well as offer research-based strategies for doing so.

Presenter: Wayne Journell, University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Chair: Sarah Matthews, Florida International University, Miami, FL


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