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NCSS Associated Groups

Social studies educators have organized themselves into formal subgroups of NCSS, such as local school district social studies supervisors, state social studies specialists, international educators, and college and university faculty members. Each Associated Group has its own membership dues, which are in addition to NCSS membership. Learn more about the various groups by clicking on their titles, below. To join an Associated Group, please contact Member Services at 301-588-1800 ext. 111.

Council of State Social Studies Specialists (CS4)

CS4 provides a vehicle for the exchange of ideas among the specialists, consultants, and supervisors who have responsibilities for social studies education in the various state departments of education/public instruction. CS4 officially meets once a year, just prior to the NCSS Annual Conference. Regular Member $50.

College and University Faculty Assembly (CUFA)

CUFA consists of higher education faculty members, graduate students, and others interested in working with social educators such as social scientists, historians, and philosophers. As well as being an advocacy organization for social studies education, CUFA members provide a forum for communication among professional educators, and examine social studies from a theoretical and research perspective. CUFA conducts its own program and business meeting during the NCSS Annual Conference. Regular Member $60; Student Member $15.

International Assembly (IA)

The International Assembly provides a forum for collaboration and interchange of ideas among NCSS members from the United States and foreign countries. IA promotes linkages among NCSS educators to enhance professional development, to enrich social studies learning, and to share research, learning activities, and teaching methods with global perspectives. IA conducts its own program and business meeting during the NCSS Annual Conference. $25.

National Social Studies Supervisors Association (NSSSA)

NSSSA promotes the common interest of social studies supervisors in instruction, curriculum materials, research, teacher training, and social action. Based on the belief that interaction between teachers and students is the most vital element of an education system, NSSSA encourages and assists in the development of social studies instruction. It extends its services and assistance to supervisors at state and local levels in their efforts to initiate similar organizations. NSSSA conducts its own program and meeting at the NCSS Annual Conference. Regular Member $40.


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