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Global Studies

The Changing U.S.-Japan Relationship in the Context of a Rising China

Sponsored by the NCSS Asia Community.

China’s expanding political and economic influence impacts not only its interactions with the U.S. and Japan, but also the U.S.-Japan relationship. Join Dr. Patricia Maclachlan from the University of Texas at Austin as she explores changes in the U.S.-Japan strategic and economic partnership in the context of a rising China.

Human Rights at the U.S.-Mexico Border and Beyond—Legal Challenges and Human Costs

Sponsored by the Human Rights Education Community.

International human rights and humanitarian laws call on governments to protect the wellbeing of children regardless of their civil status. Yet child refugees, migrant children and children living in immigrant families threatened with deportation continue to experience physical and psychological trauma both along the border and throughout the United States. What are the consequences–for the children, their families and our national integrity? What civic lessons are being taught and learned along the border?

How Do You Know They Know? The Proof is in the Writing

How do leaders advocate for an expanded definition of data that goes beyond a test score? Experience strategies to help explain why we must measure what matters, including the use of analyzing student work based on the principles that looking at student work leads to better intervention, which in turn will lead to better student responses.

A Tale of Two Koreas

Two nations, genetically identical, yet their trajectories have led them in diametrically opposing paths. Learn how these nations have developed socially, politically, and economically since the Korean War.


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