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Executive Director's Message: "Teaching Resources to Celebrate Black History Month"

In this latest TSSP edition, NCSS is pleased to provide several instructional resources in honor of Black History Month. We first feature recent NCSS articles by our members and other contributors; share additional online instructional resources from several of our NCSS partners – including resources on the 150th anniversary of the 15th amendment; and link to recent podcasts from our collaborators at Visions of Education. These resources collectively can strengthen your classroom practice by offering all learners a deeper and more inclusive engagement in social studies inquiry. Yet, these are admittedly just a (strong) sampling of diverse instructional resources that are out there.

I especially invite you to consider connecting to our African American Educators Community, which seeks to “explore issues facing African Americans in schools in general, and in the teaching and learning of social studies in particular; address topics involving curriculum, teaching methods and strategies, and general schooling philosophies as they relate to the African American experience in all institutional settings.” Our Community Chair, Shakealia Finley, is featured in this TSSP edition’s “Member Spotlight” and discusses community activities. More information on our African American Educators Community, and all other Special Interest Communities, may be found on CONNECTED.

In 2016, NCSS announced its current Strategic Plan reaffirming our commitment to inclusiveness: “NCSS encourages, promotes, and ensures inclusiveness that reflects society to strengthen civic life.”

This week’s edition of TSSP gives us unique viewpoints and ways to celebrate Black History Month in the social studies classroom through inquiry, and acknowledge that social studies inquiry must happen every day and include all voices. Social studies teaching and learning are powerful when they are integrative, inclusive, and diverse. We encourage all members to start classroom conversations with our shared resources from TSSP and build from there. We have a wider world of resources waiting for you: from our members, our writers, our organization partners, and our Special Interest Communities….and beyond. Powerful teaching and learning results from our connection to our larger communities and networks. Let’s continue our work together to strengthen social studies inquiry as we celebrate Black History Month.