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Chapter Administration: Ceremonies, Awards, and Recognitions


RHO KAPPA chapters should conduct and design an appropriate ceremony for the induction of its new members. The procedures and proceedings for this ceremony shall be determined by the local chapter, chapter sponsor, and high school administration. Newly inducted members shall receive their membership certificates and any other appropriate RHO KAPPA materials when their membership has been affirmed. The date and time of the induction ceremony is at the discretion of the local chapter, chapter sponsor, and high school administration. In the event that a particular individual qualifies for membership after the date of the induction ceremony, he or she may be inducted at a regular chapter meeting provided the membership forms and fees have already been submitted to NCSS.

Chapters are forbidden to initiate, haze, blackball, or do anything similar, as any part of the RHO KAPPA process. Any chapter found engaged in any of these shall lose its charter. "Induction" is to be used in any reference to the induction of new members.

Awards and Recognition

Senior members who are in good standing with the organization at the time of graduation shall be given the opportunity to purchase honor chords. The honor chord colors shall be the official colors of RHO KAPPA. These honor cords are available for order and purchase directly from a vendor. Please visit for vendor contact information.