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JFCS Holocaust Center

Thu Nov 16 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm

Host: JFCS Holocaust Center

Educators are invited to visit the JFCS Holocaust Center, to hear from a local Holocaust survivor, examine archival items and gain a deeper understanding of teaching the Holocaust and genocide. The clinic will include curriculum incorporating primary sources, using oral history video in the classroom, and a roundtable discussion on the future of Holocaust education in the post-Survivor era.

The JFCS Holocaust Center is Northern California’s primary resource for education about the Holocaust and patterns of genocide. We are dedicated to educating young and old alike about the causes and consequences of hatred, anti-Semitism, and indifference—during the Holocaust, as well as during contemporary times.

The JFCS Holocaust Center works with public school districts, private schools, Jewish day and supplementary schools, and individual educators to design curriculum and lesson plans, and to provide specialized teacher training and

Morgan Blum Schneider, JFCS Holocaust Center, San Francisco, CA; Nikki Bambauer, JFCS Holocaust Center, San Francisco, CA