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Conference Program Information

The 97th NCSS Annual Conference is your opportunity to rejuvenate your teaching strategies and collaborate with some of the leaders in social studies education.  When you attend the conference, you will

  • Learn from over 900 presentations by the leading social studies researchers and practitioners (see above)
  • Receive classroom-ready resources
  • Interact with well-known speakers and educators as they share their ideas, experiences, and knowledge
  • Share teaching strategies and solutions with peers, building your own learning community around topics that matter to you
  • Discover the latest teaching products and services

Choose from over 900 presentations addressing the conference subthemes:

  • Teaching students in a rapidly changing world.  What does it mean to be a social studies educator in 2017 and beyond?  Which philosophies have guided us in the past?  Which ones should guide us in the future?  How do we incorporate civic learning in the study of both historical and current issues facing students today?
  • Technology and change in the social studies classroom.  Can new technologies work in the social studies classroom/environment?  Is technology capable of changing social studies instruction?  How can we explore the social and cultural effects of new technologies?
  • Globalization and global interdependence.  How do we present historical, social, cultural, economic, environmental, and geographic issues?  How doe these issues affect us in a globally diverse world?  What role do social studies educators play in helping students understand our traditions?  
  • Developing media literacy.  How do we integrate media literacy into the social studies classroom to create better informed and critically thinking students?  How can educators help students distinguish fact from fiction?
  • Cultivating empathy through instruction.  Can empathy and understanding be taught, understood, and promoted?  How do we educate students about worldwide issues?  How do we address the cultural diversity of our students, and our country, and provide an inclusive, accepting environtment?
  • Expanding visions/bridging traditions.  What new ideas in social studies education will break boundaries, forge new molds and shape our profession for the future?

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