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Community Scholar Sessions

Human Rights at the U.S.-Mexico Border and Beyond—Legal Challenges and Human Costs

Sponsored by the Human Rights Education Community.

International human rights and humanitarian laws call on governments to protect the wellbeing of children regardless of their civil status. Yet child refugees, migrant children and children living in immigrant families threatened with deportation continue to experience physical and psychological trauma both along the border and throughout the United States. What are the consequences–for the children, their families and our national integrity? What civic lessons are being taught and learned along the border?


Luiz Zayas
Luiz is Dean of The University of Texas at Austin School of Social Work and Robert Lee Sutherland Chair in Mental Health and Social Policy.

Elissa Steglich
Elissa is Clinical Professor of Immigration Law in The University of Texas at Austin School of Law.


Taming the Impulsive Beast: Self-Control as Our Greatest Human Strength

Sponsored by the NCSS Psychology Community.

When asked to consider their personal heroes, many people list inspirational figures who overcame tremendous odds to achieve success. We place these people on pedestals because they share a common human strength: self control. Learn how self-control relies on a limited energy resource that becomes depleted after prior use and the interplay between self-control and personality, biological, and social processes. Receive useful activities to reconsider factors that contribute to their academic, personal, and relationship success.

Nathan DeWall
Nathan is professor of psychology and director of the Social Psychology Lab at the University of Kentucky.


Unbordering North America: Constructing National Parks with Canada and Mexico

Sponsored by the NCSS Canada Community.

Establishing boundaries has been arbitrary. U.S./Canada and U.S./Mexico collaborated to create national/International parks. Examining four trans-boundary parks will show North America’s evolution of ideas about wilderness and permeable, changing boundaries.

Neel Baumgardner
Neel is a lecturer in the Department of History at The University of Texas at San Antonio.




NCSS Position Statement on LGBT+ History

Sponsored by the NCSS LGBTQ & Allies Community

Eric Marcus, founder and host of Making Gay History, will lead a panel interview with co-authors of the newly-launched NCSS Position Statement on LGBT+ History. This discussion focuses on the critical importance of historical accuracy and the use of primary sources within the social studies, and the role of more civics-based, contextualized pedagogies to meet the needs of rising generations of students.

Eric Marcus
Eric is Founder and Host of Making Gay History.

Steven LaBounty-McNair
Steven is Board Chair of History UnErased.

Debra Fowler
Debra is co-founder and Executive Director of History UnErased.


The Changing U.S.-Japan Relationship in the Context of a Rising China

Sponsored by the NCSS Asia Community.

China’s expanding political and economic influence impacts not only its interactions with the U.S. and Japan, but also the U.S.-Japan relationship. Join Dr. Patricia Maclachlan from the University of Texas at Austin as she explores changes in the U.S.-Japan strategic and economic partnership in the context of a rising China.

Patricia Maclachlen
Patricia is Professor of Government and Asian Studies and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Professor of Japanese Studies at The University of Texas at Austin.





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