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General US History

Is Baseball Essential?: World War I and the National Pastime (Teaching with Documents)

--Kris Maldre Jarosik and Jenny McMillen Sweeney
Documents related to baseball players and the military draft can launch a lesson on the American home front during World War I, as the 100th anniversary approaches.

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The Rosenberg Trial—Uncovering the Layers of History (Looking at the Law)

--Bruce A. Ragsdale
Newly available online documents about the trial of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg offer students a unique opportunity to investigate, analyze, and craft their own narratives about this high profile Cold War espionage case.

A. Philip Randolph’s Attempt at Equal Economic Opportunity: A Case Study (Teaching with Documents)

--Joel Walker
The two featured documents from the 1940s offer insight into the African American struggle for economic opportunity in the South and can help teach about the greater civil rights movement.

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Operation Pedro Pan: The Flight to Neverland for 14,000 Cuban Children

--Bárbara C. Cruz
Learning about the 1960s exodus of Cuban children to the United States can engage K-12 students in the study of immigration and U.S.-Cuba issues. A sidebar by Mario Minichino offers mapping activities, guided imagery, and other teaching suggestions.

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Changing Faces: Your State Hero in the U.S. Capitol

--Dennis Denenberg
Each state has a statue of one of its notable citizens displayed in the U.S. Capitol. Learn about this collection, read your state hero's biography, and/or propose a new hero!

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