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Meeting the Common Core, Part Three: Argument Writing

ARGUMENT WRITING in social studies classrooms also integrates the expectations of the C3 Framework—specifically the emphasis on an inquiry approach to learning social studies and communicating conclusions as outlined in Dimension 4.  In this investigation, we explore HOW TO support students’ argument writing and illustrate how to integrate key aspects of argument into their writing as this student has done. You’ll see that working on argument writing with students relies on an inquiry approach to teaching social studies as well as an emphasis on literacy.


As a result of participating in this Investigation, you will become familiar with:  

  • The CCSS argument writing standards and what argument writing involves in the context of social studies.
  • The ways in which the C3 Framework supports argument writing.
  • Key teaching practices that support students’ growth in writing social studies arguments.  


Chauncey Monte-Sano
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI


Grade K-12 teachers and school administrators


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