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Jean Dresden Grambs Distinguished Career Research Award

The Jean Dresden Grambs Distinguished Career Research Award recognizes professionals who have made extensive contributions to knowledge concerning significant areas of social studies education through meritorious research.

Application Submissions:

NCSS is closely monitoring the coronavirus pandemic and advisories issued by the District of Columbia pertaining to large event gatherings. Although the situation continues to change daily, NCSS remains committed to the well-being, health, and safety of our Annual Conference attendees. We are presently in close contact with our partners at Destination DC and the Walter E. Washington Convention Center. Please check back on this page for updates on the opening date for award submittals.

Types of Research Eligible

The use of the term research in reference to this award shall be broadly construed to mean any and all forms of recognized formal research -methodologies, paradigms and perspectives. Eligible research is that which has:

  • added significantly to understanding of the status, impact, characteristics and activities of social studies education or social education, including several separate and distinct contributions related to curriculum, instruction, evaluation and the learning and teaching of and in the social studies;
  • stimulated a sense of responsibility among and fostered other professionals to engage in additional research efforts;
  • added significantly to the information bases to those working in the social studies/social education field as evidenced by citations of their work within the social studies literature; and
  • been used by professionals as the basis for significant decisions, rationales and practices related to one or more areas of social studies curriculum instruction, evaluation, teaching or learning.


A person is eligible for consideration and receipt of this award when the following conditions have been met:

  1. published documentation of research endeavors and findings exist covering a span of approximately ten or more years;
  2. published documentation that research reveals a focus or direction in a significant segment of the research effort, without intending that the individual has spent the entire time on a single or a limited range of research topics;
  3. documentation exists that cites in positive ways the person's research contributions, broadly defined;
  4. letters of support on behalf of the researcher are received by not less than five recognized researchers in the field of social studies/social science education;
  5. the person does not necessarily have to be currently involved in active research and publications in the social studies/social education areas or fields or a current member of NCSS.


Complete the online application and upload the following documents within the application. Max. file size to be uploaded for each non-text box item is 1MB. File types accepted are: pdf, doc, docx.

  1. Letter of Nomination
  2. Nominee CV
  3. Public Document Evidence
  4. Significance of Contributions Evidence
  5. Quality of Research Evidence
  6. Fostering Investigation Evidence
  7. Recognition by Colleagues Evidence

You will have five days to access and update your form after your initial submission. For questions, contact

Submit a Nomination

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