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Nationwide Media Literacy and Civics Campaign Launch

NCSS Executive Director Lawrence Paska is attending a two-day summit (September 15-16) sponsored by Columbia University, the Facebook Journalism Project, the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, and the Mozilla Foundation to launch The LAMP's (Learning About Multimedia Project) 22×20 campaign - a non-partisan media literacy and civics education campaign aimed at equipping 22 million first time voting teens to become informed and engaged first-time voters by 2020.

The summit, hosted by Columbia University's David & Helen Gurley Brown Institute for Media Innovation, will convene educators, journalists, technologists, funders and student leaders to develop an actionable framework for ramping up the media literacy skills necessary for civic engagement across the nation's youth.

"Media literacy is essential to building an informed and thriving democracy," said D.C. Vito, Executive Director of The LAMP. " is our responsibility to fully interpret and then challenge the media that is put in front of us in order to have an informed understanding of the world around us and make thoughtful decisions." 

22×20 focuses on activating and facilitating youth leadership in the democratic process.  Join the conversation using #22×20 across all social platforms. Learn more at: