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About State and Local Council Affiliation

NCSS provides a variety of products and services to a network of affiliated state and local councils including an annual directory of council officers and an annual leadership institute.

Affiliation with National Council for the Social Studies is open to groups with similar purposes and goals as NCSS. NCSS does not encourage duplication of state or local councils within the same geographic area. Organizations that wish to affiliate with NCSS are requested to apply prior to July 1.

Apply for or renew NCSS affiliation here

Privileges of Affiliation

  • Eligibility for representation in the House of Delegates based on the number of joint memberships.
  • Participation in NCSS membership brokerage plan. Affiliated councils receive 50% of new NCSS regular or comprehensive members’ dues when the members join through the affiliated council.
  • Right to include “Affiliated with National Council for the Social Studies” and the NCSS Affiliate logo on stationery and promotional materials.
  • Listing as an NCSS affiliate in Who’s Who in the Social Studies distributed to all council presidents and executive directors.
  • Receive one set of mailing labels of NCSS members in state or region.
  • Benefit from all services of the NCSS Council Development Program including membership promotion kit, NCSS membership list by zip code, and breakfast meeting at the Annual Conference with arrangements and tickets through NCSS.

Requirements of Affiliation

  • General goals consistent with those of NCSS.
  • Ten percent of council’s membership, with a minimum of ten members, holding regular, comprehensive, student or retired membership in NCSS.
  • No restrictive membership clauses.
  • Membership privileges similar to those in NCSS; anyone who pays dues is a full voting member, and the organization is open to all persons interested in social studies education.
  • Submission of a list of state or local council members with the names of those holding joint membership indicated.
  • Completion of NCSS affiliation application and the officers list.

Requirements for Representation in the House of Delegates

  • Affiliated status with NCSS prior to the annual assembly.
  • Minimum of ten (10) joint NCSS/state or local council members. 
  • Delegate information by September 20 of each year.

Procedures for Affiliating

  • If previously unaffiliated, request advice and information from the NCSS Director of Marketing and Membership.
  • Complete the affiliation application, the officers list, and the list of joint council members. Return to NCSS by June 30.
  • The completed application will be evaluated by the Director of Council Services upon submission.
  • The affiliate will be certified to NCSS by the NCSS Executive Committee of the Board of Directors.

Representation in the House of Delegates

  • Formula for state and local council representation:
    • 10-24 joint members →1 delegate
    • 25-49 joint members →2 delegates
    • 50-99 joint members →3 delegates
    • 100-199joint members →4 delegates
    • 200-299joint members → delegates
    • 300-399joint members →6 delegates, plus one delegate for each 100 members over 399.
  • State councils only: State councils should select a delegate-at-large who will be considered the first, or only, delegate if the state council has 10-24 joint members. The delegate-at-large is one of the allocated delegates to the House of Delegates meeting if the state council has more than 24 joint members.
  • Councils must submit an accurate list of joint council members to insure correct representation at the current year House of Delegates.

Term of Affiliation

  • Affiliation is granted for one year from July 1 through June 30 and must be renewed by specific request before June 30 of each year. The NCSS Director of Marketing and Membership will forward a renewal application.
  • New affiliates can be approved at any time. Representation in the House of Delegates will be granted only if the completed affiliation materials are received prior to the meeting of the House of Delegates.

To learn how to create or rebuild your affiliate council follow these guidelines. You can also contact NCSS Member Services at 301-588-1800 x110.

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