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World History

Above and Beyond: Increasing Social Studies Relevance through Field Experience

In order to increase social studies relevancy, varied and intentional field experiences must occur. This presentation will detail unique field experiences that go above and beyond the required placements.

Texting During an Observation? Yes, Please! Backchanneling to Support Metacognition

Interested in facilitating deeper reflection and metacognition in preservice teachers? Allow online chatting between preservice teachers and their methods instructor during field based observations. Learn techniques for effective implementation.

Watchers of the Sky: Global Citizens Making a Difference

This session focuses on WATCHERS OF THE SKY, a film that examines the legacy of the Genocide Convention and features individuals engaged in an ongoing effort to prevent genocide.

The Brain, the C3 Framework, and You

Learn how to create C3-aligned inquiry units supported by cognitive and neuroscience using the popular researcher-tested and teacher-approved Brain-Targeted Teaching Model®.

Understanding Special Education: Tailoring Social Studies for Exceptional Children

This workshop helps the beginning teacher understand the complex world of special education for social studies. Participants will acquire the basics of modification/ accommodation for the social studies classroom.

Attractions and Problems of Communism in Russia and China

Presenters share innovative units created for middle and high school classes that engage students in complex debates over why the Soviet Union fell and the causes of the Cultural Revolution.

Japan in World History: Teaching with the C3 Dimensions

Access classroom-ready, historical inquiry lessons on Japanese encounters with Buddhism, invading Mongols, modernity, and more. Explore effective C3 teaching practices regarding continuity and change and evaluating sources and evidence.

Forever Indebted: How Righteous Gentiles Saved Jewish Lives

By exploring the lives of ordinary-turned-extraordinary people who risked everything during the Second World War, teachers and students can discover how they became the “Righteous Among the Nations”.

21st Century Global History Classroom: Targeting Modern High School Student

Learn how to generate student driven academic data to empower your learners! Participants will be exposed to Global History PBL and multi-sensory approach developed in High School Level At-Risk classrooms.

Teaching and Assessing AP Historical Thinking Skills

Economic revolutions can be examined through multiple historical thinking skills. These skills, a foundation of the new AP World History exam in 2017, are necessary for global citizenship.


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