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US History

Raising Babies, Selling Cattle, Suffrage in Montana? Yes, We Can!

Examine the unique culture of Western women. These lesson plans will show an understanding of political, social and economic contributions from Montana women facing challenges to traditional role expectations.

Historical Literacy Matters: Teaching Hip-Hop History in the Classroom

Explore hip-hop culture and its impact on American society in the post-civil rights era. Teachers will use archives to bring hip-hop history to life in the classroom.

Go-Go Music: The Soul of DC

New Orleans has jazz, New York has hip-hop, DC has go-go. Learn about go-go, meet a musician, and learn how this local, hidden history is being brought to the classroom.

Getting All Students to Read, Write, and Think Like Historians

Explore ways schools and school systems can use digital resources to bring inquiry-based instruction to larger numbers of teachers and students.

Fostering Citizenship: Engaging Students in a Town Meeting Project

Promote civic engagement while guiding students through a collaborative writing-based project. This interactive session breaks down the 21st-century-skill-rich town meeting project and helps teachers implement it in their classrooms.

Explore History and the World with Google Cardboard

3D Virtual-Reality with Google Cardboard gives your social studies students a new and powerful perspective. Be part of the conversation and leave with exciting VR ideas, strategies, and tools.

CASH in with Inquiry! Captivating all Students in History

Captivate your students and foster critical thinking when you use historical inquiry. Learn how to implement and scaffold primary/secondary sources so all students can become the historians!

Becoming Us: Teaching Immigration and Migration for the 21st Century

As demographics in public education change and debates on immigration rage, how can classroom teaching adapt to reflect contemporary issues? Explore toolkits for teaching immigration and migration today.

At the Core: Social Studies Inquiry, Engagement, and Common Core Skills

Learn how to engage students with inquiry, having social studies content as the focus, while fulfilling the Common Core State Standards, and increasing rigor. Receive ready-to-use lessons and handouts.

Art, Inquiry, and the American Experience

Looking for new ways to get students excited about history? Explore how the simple strategy of comparing and contrasting two artworks can prompt meaningful student-driven inquiry.


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