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US History

Becoming Us: Teaching Immigration and Migration for the 21st Century

As demographics in public education change and debates on immigration rage, how can classroom teaching adapt to reflect contemporary issues? Explore toolkits for teaching immigration and migration today.

At the Core: Social Studies Inquiry, Engagement, and Common Core Skills

Learn how to engage students with inquiry, having social studies content as the focus, while fulfilling the Common Core State Standards, and increasing rigor. Receive ready-to-use lessons and handouts.

Art, Inquiry, and the American Experience

Looking for new ways to get students excited about history? Explore how the simple strategy of comparing and contrasting two artworks can prompt meaningful student-driven inquiry.

The Battle of Brooklyn: Inquiry Strategies and Historical Agency

Learn inquiry strategies using primary sources to engage students in Revolutionary history as a series of choices made by individuals. Curriculum materials will be distributed.

Representing Indigeneity: Problems and Possibilities of Textbooks, Mascots, and Monuments

This vital issues session engages conference attendees to reconsider how our schools, curriculum, and monuments present Indigenous cultures and histories as a means to further civic engagement and social justice.

Managing Tensions: Preparing Elementary Teachers for C3 Social Studies

This session highlights the tensions inherent in C3-oriented preservice elementary teacher education, invites participation in solving these puzzles, and demonstrates two teacher educators' approaches to addressing dilemmas in teacher preparation.

King Philip's War and Cultural Conflict in New England

Explore the complex relationships between colonists and Native Americans. Investigate multiple perspectives, even with a limited number of sources, and engage students' inquiry skills with maps, artifacts, and documents!

Hook 'em! How to Base Historical Inquiries on Current Issues

Explore how to stimulate and leverage student curiosity by creating compelling historical inquiries fused with current issues that ultimately teach civics. All participants will receive complete units.

Hispanics in the Revolutionary War

Hispanics have been a part of the history of the United States since the beginning. Discover the role Hispanics played during the Revolutionary War.

Engaging Assessment Strategies for High and Low Tech Classrooms

Whether you're in a one-to-one or a one-computer classroom environment, there will be formative and summative assessment strategies you can use tomorrow for grades 3-12.


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