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US History

Before and Beyond Columbus: Approaching Native Issues in Elementary Classrooms

Tired of traditional approaches to Columbus and Thanksgiving? Explore ideas for critically engaging elementary students in Native issues using a variety of resources and activities. Resources provided!

Connecting Past to Present with Digital Media

Join PBS to explore how to use resources from Civil War drama Mercy Street and companion webseries Time Capsule to engage students with present-day issues and foster civic awareness.

Out of Washington's Shadow: Teaching with the Voices of Enslaved Early Americans

Enslaved people lived alongside the Founders, yet these individuals' stories are rarely told. Enrich teaching of early America with enslaved voices, using student-friendly text, primary sources, and classroom activities.

Citizen History: Building Inquiry Skills By "Doing" History

Teach students how to do history by researching primary source documents and newspapers in collections of local libraries and archives. Compile, transcribe, and contribute to the collections of national museums.

The Tired King Teaches How Government Works

What are the functions of government? How do they work? Help your students explore these questions and build civic competency with a little help from a very tired king.

Teaching US History through (Gasp!) Graphic Novels

Discover the use of graphic novels within a US History high school curriculum and actively engage participants in learning activities utilizing nonfiction graphic novels about US History.

Teaching Migrant Labor: Using Primary Sources to Learn about the Braceros

Explore new strategies for teaching the origins, evolution and demise of the Bracero program through poetry, music, textual primary sources and personal memoirs.

Raising Babies, Selling Cattle, Suffrage in Montana? Yes, We Can!

Examine the unique culture of Western women. These lesson plans will show an understanding of political, social and economic contributions from Montana women facing challenges to traditional role expectations.

Historical Literacy Matters: Teaching Hip-Hop History in the Classroom

Explore hip-hop culture and its impact on American society in the post-civil rights era. Teachers will use archives to bring hip-hop history to life in the classroom.

Go-Go Music: The Soul of DC

New Orleans has jazz, New York has hip-hop, DC has go-go. Learn about go-go, meet a musician, and learn how this local, hidden history is being brought to the classroom.


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