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U.S. History

Tough Stuff of History: New Orleans & Domestic Slave Trade

This clinic will focus on human rights and teaching controversy utilizing Purchased Lives an exhibit on the domestic slave trade, related teacher workshops, lesson plans, field trips and educational programs.

Using iPads to Enhance Content Knowledge: A Teacher's Guide

Explore how to use iPads to create and implement lessons that enhance students' content knowledge. World and U.S. History lessons included. Resource materials will be disseminated.

Thinking Historically & Responsive Teaching: Practice-Based Teacher Development

Learn to use a practice-based approach to history teacher education/professional development that promotes classroom instruction grounded in historical reasoning and formative assessment.

Celebrating Newspapers in the Classroom: Engaging students through Chronicling America

What really happened? Whose point of view? How did people react? Why? Experience and celebrate how historical events chronicled in newspapers can create excitement, engagement, and curiosity within your students.

Building Unique Primary Source Sets to Make Standards Come Alive

Learn ways to challenge textbooks by using Library of Congress analysis tools. Looking through macro and micro lenses, participants will create unique Primary Source Sets. Leave with LOC materials.

Teaching History as Mystery: Inquiry-Based Strategies for the C3 Classroom

Want to incorporate inquiry lessons in your social studies classroom? Experience history as mystery strategies in action. Examine clues, make hypotheses, and learn to help your students think like historians.

Developing Creative Historical Thinking

Discover research proven methods to incorporate 21st Century Skills of creativity, historical thinking, collaboration, and innovation in a middle school history classroom. Includes examples of student products, discussions and technology.

Reading, Writing and Resources: Disciplinary Literacy in Elementary Social Studies

From I-pad apps to literature and primary sources, literacy skills are given purpose in content-rich social studies lessons. Participants collect strategies and resources for infusing disciplinary literacy in elementary teaching.

What Can Poetry Teach Students about American Democracy?

Learn how famous (and not-so-famous) poems can help students explore the concept of American democracy. Special attention is paid to multicultural poetry. Poems and activity sheets will be provided.

Collaboration Cubed: Combining Forces to Contextualize Curriculum Construction

Social studies teachers join forces with a teacher educator to create an authentic context for teacher candidates' instructional planning experiences and to gain fresh perspectives on existing middle school curriculum.


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