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U.S. History

"The Road to Little Rock"

Dr. Terrence Roberts presents “The Road to Little Rock Interactive Curriculum” featuring primary source documents and Common Core lesson plans addressing civil rights, social justice, and character education.

Losing the Debate: Listening and Reasoning in Public Policy Discussions

A differentiated discussion that utilizes values-in-conflict to enable, promote, and encourage student analysis and empathy while discussing public policy issues.

Flair, Fashion, and Feminisms: Connecting Beauty Culture and Women's Rights

Take a tour of feminism, history, and beauty culture with two educators with backgrounds in history, literature, fashion, and cosmetology. Mascara and modernity, girdles and freedom, the bob, and more!

Make Social Studies the Highlight of their Day

Join two highly caffeinated history teachers in an interactive quest to discover engaging methods that make teaching and learning secondary social studies relevant, meaningful and above all, fun.

Birmingham Then and Now: Digital Oral Histories as Learning Tools

Recognizing the 50th anniversary of events of 1963, participants will examine a collection of Birmingham, Alabama's oral histories and utilize digital storytelling tools to capture oral histories of today.

American Dream: "Seabiscuit," "Hoop Dreams," "A League of Their Own"

Explore how to help students analyze the timeless American Dream messages in sports films. Sports provide a window into history, showcase social issues, and are a metaphor for life.

Better Social Studies: Increasing Content Knowledge and Engagement through Reading

Participants will learn strategies to provide and support multi-genre reading opportunities in history. They’ll learn how to incorporate the Common Core ELA Standards without losing the social studies.

Using Active Storytelling to Foster Divergent Thinking

By using the art of improvisational storytelling, we will explore ways to link historical fact to creative writing that will create meaningful correlations for students.

Real Stories, Real Stuff: Teaching with Resources from the Smithsonian

Discover ways to use Smithsonian resources to teach critical thinking skills. Engage in classroom activities and explore free web-resources from the National Museum of American History.

It Happened Here, Too! Engaging Students with Local Primary Sources

Use local history and primary sources to teach literacy skills, engage students in their communities, and connect local stories to U.S. history and global issues.


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