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U.S. History

Overcoming Bias in Ourselves, our Schools, and our Society

This interactive workshop asks participants to engage in reflexive activities to uncover the influence that personal and societal biases impact teaching and learning experiences.

Reconstruction: Freedom, Equality and Citizenship After the Civil War

Reconstruction, pivotal moment in U.S. history lets students explore questions about national identity and responsibility, freedom and justice that are fundamental to historical understanding and citizenship today. Resource book included.

Girl Power: Standing on the Shoulders of Social Change

Use NCSS Notable Trade Books to teach about Clara Lemlich, Kate Sessions, Anne Carroll Moore, Henrietta Leavitt, and others. Don't know them? Find out why you should. Bibliography/materials provided.

Teaching Human Rights through Popular Music

Participants will become familiar with popular songs associated with American human rights struggles from the past and present. Participants will utilize the songs studied in sample inquiry activities.

Alexander Hamilton - Visionary or Villain?

Alexander Hamilton's vision for the United States often clashed with others but his actions placed the United States on a path to economic growth and prosperity.

Civil Rights: Means to Envision a Fair and Just Society

This presentation is a grade-adaptable interdisciplinary study of struggle for just governance. Principles of democracy are examined as they evolve through specific events, which have a long-term impact.

Citizens of the World: Americans, Merchants, Seamen, and Missionaries, 1775-1850

How did New Englanders encounter the world after the Revolution? What can we learn from their attitudes and activities? Use historical sources to contextualize discussions about twenty-first-century global citizenship.

Oral History as Inquiry into the Long Civil Rights Movement

This session uses oral histories from the Library of Congress Civil Rights History Project(1930-70), the Question Formulation Technique, and historical analysis scaffolds to bring the C3 Framework's Inquiry Arc to life.

The Social Scientist's Toolbox

An easily adaptable and innovative curriculum program that utilizes Common Core State Standards as a framework to teach students how to analyze sources and develop their writing skills

Digital Literacy Skills: The Keys to Unlocking Social Studies Content

This interactive presentation will provide participants with classroom-ready ideas adapting traditional literacy strategies to digital resources.


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