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U.S. History

Recent Research on the Vietnam War

New published scholarship about the Vietnam War challenges older views and prompts expanded understanding of that conflict. Participants will receive information developed by the annual USS Midway Institute for Teachers.

Academic Vocabulary to Support Rigor in the Classroom

In a literacy-rich classroom, consider the relationship between academic vocabulary and student success. Experience Marzano's theory put to practical application with high-return, high-retention strategies for the American History classroom.

Writing Historical Narratives Using Library of Congress Primary Source Sets

Students will develop their historical thinking and writing skills as they write their own historical narratives using primary source sets from the Library of Congress.

The Social Scientist's Toolbox

An easily adaptable and innovative curriculum program that utilizes CCSS as a framework to teach students how to analyze sources and develop their writing skills

Amending America: Some Assembly Required

The National Archives celebrates the 225th anniversary of the Bill of Rights with new free materials for K-12. Receive lessons highlighting how this iconic document continues to shape society.

Exploring Civil Rights and Developing Civic Agency: Strategies that Work

Learn how educators in urban schools use primary resources and interactive strategies to impact school culture. Explore lessons that resonate with students' identities, strengthen academic growth, and increase civic agency

Citizens of the World: Americans Merchants, Seamen, and Missionaries, 1775-1850

How did New Englanders encounter the world after the Revolution? What can we learn from their attitudes and activities? Use historical sources to contextualize discussions about twenty first-century global citizenship.

Problematizing Indian Removal for Elementary Students: A Human Rights Investigation

Participants will engage in a model elementary think-aloud lesson grounded in a problem-based historical inquiry framework in order to decide if Andrew Jackson was justified in removing Indians to reservations.

Inquiring Minds: A Social Studies Guide to Rigorous Honors Instruction

Struggling to challenge the advanced learner in your US History class? Come participate in ready-to-go lessons and surefire strategies that help develop true honors courses that differentiate for advanced learners.

Digital Literacy Skills: The Keys to Unlocking Social Studies Content

This interactive session will provide participants with classroom-ready ideas adapting traditional literacy strategies to digital resources.


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