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NSSSA Board Meeting

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Hosted by Pearson. NSSSA Members Only

The Hornets Nest: A True Story of Survival

Veteran war correspondent Mike Boettcher presents and discusses his documentary The Hornet's Nest. Armed only with their cameras, Peabody and Emmy Award-Winning conflict Journalist Mike Boettcher, and his son, Carlos, provide unprecedented access into the longest war in U.S. history.__ Mike and Carlos embedded with U.S. Forces fighting on the front lines in Afghanistan, amidst the constant threat of the Taliban.__ Their journey, The Hornet's Nest', unfolds a true story of survival not only for the soldiers but for a father and son who seek to rekindle their relationship under the most harrowing of circumstances.

Presenters: Mike Boettcher

Coffee Break + C3 Framework Q&A

C3 Framework Q&A with Michelle Herczog

Worksheets Don't Teach the Common Core!

This session will focus on 20 instructional strategies the support student-learning and retention outlined in Dr. Marcia Tate's new book, Social Studies Worksheets Don't Grow Dendrites. This fun, interactive session will model a variety of instructional strategies to implement the CCSS Literacy Standards as well as address the ELA standards for grades K-5.

Presenters: Debbie Daniell, K-12 Social Studies Director, Gwinnett County Public Schools, Suwanee, GA

Stonewall and Equality: Teaching LGBT Civil Rights with Documents

Teaching LGBT civil rights can be seen as controversial - but is necessary to fully understand how rights have evolved. Participants will examine the equal rights of LGBT citizens through historical documents; and engage in the critical thinking and effective communication techniques that are used in answering document based questions.

Presenters: Anton Schulzki, Social Studies Teacher/AP Coordinator, William J. Palmer High School, Colorado Springs, CO

Speaking and Listening: Discussion Strategies for the Social Studies Classroom

Discussion has long been identified as an important component of social studies instruction. With the advent of the Common Core and its emphasis on speaking and listening incorporating discussion is even more important. This interactive session provides participants with three strategies for helping teachers develop content specific, discussion based lessons.

Facilitator: Debbie Daniell, K-12 Social Studies Director, Gwinnett County Public Schools, Suwanee, GA

Presenters: Scott L. Roberts, Assistant Professor Social Studies Education, Central Michigan University, Mt Pleasant, MI

Folktales using Binary Opposites and Holistic Perspectives to teach Democracy

Explore a method of using folktales from around the world to teach democracy by emphasizing binary opposites, holistic perspectives, and focusing on the characters and events of the story.

Facilitator: R nard Harris

Presenters: R nard Harris, Associate Professor, College of Charleston, Charleston, SC

Common Core and the Document Based Question

Experts from The DBQ Project and the Social Studies Supervisor of St. Lucie County, Florida will outline the alignment between Common Core requirements and The DBQ Project process. Discussion will focus on the implementation of The DBQ Project process in a district of 42,000 students and show successes in student thinking and literacy skills on a broad scale.

Facilitator: Jack Migliori

Presenters: Timothy Norfleet, Social Studies Supervisor, St. Lucie County Schools, Ft. Pierce, FL; Jackie Migliori, Consultant, The DBQ Project, Evanston, IL; Amie Polcaro, Consultant, The DBQ Project, Evanston, IL

Using Historical Fiction to Support CCSS and Build Historical Thinking

The media has buzzed with elementary and middle school teachers reluctant to give up treasured novels for informational text. This presentation demonstrates how historical novels written for the middle grades (3-8) can be re-purposed to satisfy the CCSS's call to teach students how to read, write, and think as historians.

Facilitator: Chanda L. Robinson, Secondary School Social Studies Consultant, Richland School District One Columbia, SC

Presenters: Sara Schwebel, Associate Professor of English, University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC


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