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Secondary Level-High School

Soundtrack for Social Justice: Multimedia Projects for Inquiry and Understanding

Engage your classroom and enrich your students' understanding of social justice and the role they play in its promotion through the creation of soundtracks and music videos.

Hunting the Hun! Multimedia Approach to America Entering WWI

Participate in a ready-to-go lesson that draws students into the year 1917 and America's abandonment of isolationism to join the Great War using media from the time period.

Beyond the Smear Ad: Analyzing Campaign Commercials, Past and Present

Teachers will learn how to engage students with political campaign commercials in order to demonstrate their evolution over time, their effectiveness, and how students can analyze them for purpose.

Diffusion of Democracy and Communism

Explore the study of the diffusion of democracy and communism through a seamlessly aligned, scaffolded lesson that embeds activities and instructional strategies for the differentiation of diverse learners.

Big Ideas in Professional Development: A Sit and Stay Model!

In this session participants will discuss how social studies teachers can collaborate in big idea thinking for 21st century learning by learning about our school-university partnership professional development technology model.

180 Days Hard Labor:” Pathways to Understanding Social Responsibility

Using police records, journals and more explore what it means to be a socially responsible citizen. Combine documents, inquiry, CCskills and the C3 framework to understand and encourage social responsibility.

Investing Potential Human Rights Violations: Violence against African American Males

The presentation explores violence against black males in America and whether the violence constitutes human rights violations. Events surrounding Michael Brown, Jordan Davis, Trayvon Martin, and Eric Garner are discussed.

Gender and Pubic Issue Deliberations in Online Environments

Female students tend to participate less in classroom discussions. Participants will learn about employing online discussions of controversial issues as a way of reaching all learners, notably their female students.

Hiroshima Past and Present: Teaching History through Memorialization

Three high school teachers who participated in the Japan Society’s Study Tour for Educators share materials and instructional strategies focused on memory and commemoration in Japan, particularly in Hiroshima.

Bon Voyage: Using Travel Opportunities to Strengthen your Pedagogy

Learn about the many opportunities for teachers to travel abroad for FREE! This presentation discusses the benefits of fellowships and offers you tips in order to embark on your own!


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