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Secondary Level-High School

Freedom Now: Exploring Multiple Voices of the Civil Rights Movement

This hands-on session introduces participants to multiple, every-day voices of the Civil Rights movement through Brown University's Choices Program's unit Freedom Now: The Civil Rights Movement in Mississippi. Curriculum provided.

Investing Potential Human Rights Violations: Violence against African American Males

The presentation explores violence against black males in America and whether the violence constitutes human rights violations. Events surrounding Michael Brown, Jordan Davis, Trayvon Martin, and Eric Garner are discussed.

Seeing is Believing: Coaching Teachers up to Tech-Rich Instruction

An interactive presentation of Cincinnati Public's cutting-edge demonstration coaching model where teachers observe tech-rich instruction in a lab setting, then have an opportunity for customized, personalized follow-up PD.

Time Saving Planning Tools for Teachers

Do you wish you had time to find the right tool to engage your students? Two reference cards provide engaging strategies and resources at your fingertips that support C3 implementation.

Using the Psychological Concept Flow in the Social Studies Classroom

Flow is a type of student engagement that includes focus, task immersion and intrinsic motivation. The presentation describes action research into flow and methods to implement flow into the classroom.

Differentiating Instruction in the Social Studies Classroom

Teachers should strive to meet the needs of all students. Come learn how differentiation can help you reach out to and engage them by tweaking what you're already doing!

Sports: A Struggle for Civil Rights

Sports are engrained in American culture and used as a lens can enhance your Civil Rights Unit. This C3 lesson follows female and male athletes throughout their struggles and triumphs.

Invoking Student Voices as a Third Space in National Identity

As the civic education of students expands beyond the social studies classroom to other pedagogical places for learning, civic-related curriculums must incorporate space for student agency and lived experiences.

Students In Action: Implementing Action Civics through Service Learning

This workshop will re-introduce service learning as a dynamic and engaging process that connects students to their community and their power as agents of change within it.

Hiroshima Past and Present: Teaching History through Memorialization

Three high school teachers who participated in the Japan Society's Study Tour for Educators share materials and instructional strategies focused on memory and commemoration in Japan, particularly in Hiroshima.


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