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Social Sciences

Truth About Totem Poles: Windows to Pacific Northwest Indigenous Cultures

To understand North America is to understand First Nations. The ancient and contemporary history of Pacific Northwest Coast tribes can be taught through the lens of one icon. Materials provided.

Breaking Down Stereotypes: Teaching Students about Diversity among American Citizens

Recognizing barriers created by stereotypes is essential when teaching students about diversity we face each and every day. Addressing those stereotypes and removing them is important for helping students learn.

Ten Tips, Activities and Websites for First-Year Teachers

Four novice teachers will present useful websites, interactive student centered activities, and first year teacher "must haves" for a successful first year teaching.

Who's Talking? What's Heard? Equitable Discussions in Inclusive, Democratic Classrooms

Participants will distinguish between open and inclusive discussions, collaboratively brainstorm inclusive discussion strategies, and connect the strategies to principles, knowledge, and skills fundamental to democracies.

Critical Issues in Social Studies Assessment

This roundtable session examines critical issues in standardized assessment -- including both ends and means, principles and practices -- from local, state, national, and global perspectives.

Fundamental Practices: Contemplative Education, Conflict Resolution and Global Interdependence

Integrating contemplative and peace education strategies illuminates how happiness and conflict resolution are interdependent and globally significant. Dynamic strategies and lesson plans will be provided for teachings these concepts.

"Changing Your Life" from Student Teacher to Professional Educator

Interactive presentation for pre-service educators. Proven methods will focus on transitioning from college to professional career, interviewing techniques, networking and more. Bring your résumé! Under classpersons attendance encouraged.

Conversation about Race: How Spirituality Promotes Dialogue in Teacher Education

With increasingly diverse populations in education, the need for conversations about race within the classroom is paramount. Spirituality as a lens in teaching, we propose allows for honest, meaningful dialogue.

Why Do Social Studies Simulations Get a Bad Rap?

Why have simulations have been criticized and what makes a simulation educative for secondary students? Innovative ideas about enacting U.S. History simulations to foster critical thinking will also be shared.

Rho Kappa National Social Studies Honor Society

Rho Kappa will be exhibited to participants to encourage beginning a charter. Participants will learn how to charter their chapter and be given a packet of materials to do so.


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