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Secondary Level-High School

Poster Session-Enhancing Literacy for Exceptional Learners

This interactive session models collaborative tools to improve content area literacy of adolescent exceptional learners in inclusive social studies classrooms. Participants learn evidence-based reading, writing and comprehension strategies. Resources provided.

Poster Session-Do I Know that They Get It? Using Formative Assessment

Through a variety of both formal and informal formative assessments, social studies teachers can “take the pulse” of their students’ content and objective mastery.

Poster Session-The Collaborative Social Studies Classroom

This session focuses on the collaborative relationship between the mainstream history teacher and the special education teacher. This session will offer strategies on how to incorporate modified instruction.

Poster Session-Identity, Colonization, Revolution and Globalization: Interdisciplinary and Thematic World History!

Thematic based units within an interdisciplinary World History and World Literature class provide marginalized students with a relevant and thought provoking curriculum intended to strengthen minds with critical thinking.

Poster Session-Hunting the Hun! Multimedia Approach to Teaching America Entering WWI

Participate in a "ready-to-go" lesson that draws students into the year 1917 and America's abandonment of isolationism to join the Great War using media from the time period.

Poster Session-Promoting Critical Reading and Writing Skills through Historical Case Studies

This session will introduce teachers to the use of historical case study assignments to promote critical reading of primary sources and analytical writing skills.

Poster Session-Historical Thinking and Reading: Gateway to Higher K-12 Expectations

How is the infusion of Common Core reading strategies in the elementary classroom empowering high school teachers to teach reading?

Poster Session-Building Global Perspective: Aligning Short-Term Travel to the Common Core

Thinking about taking students abroad? Maybe you already do. Come explore a curricular approach to international travel. A semester-long inquiry based model that promotes deeper thinking through experiential learning.

Poster Session-Competing Visions of Human Rights: Questions for U.S. Policy

What role should human rights play in U.S. foreign policy? Challenge your students to examine the difficulty of defining and enforcing human rights, at home and around the world.

Poster Session-Let's Talk: Debate and Discussion in the Social Studies

Learn a myriad of ways to incorporate mini and large debate and discussion techniques into middle and high school social studies through hands on demonstration and discussion.


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