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Secondary Level-High School

Cultivating Student Engagement through Real Life Application

Psychology is a stage for engaging students in innovative projects asking students to problem solve in a creative way. Examine examples of project based learning and real-world application of concepts.

Human Rights through Charlie-France , Criminal Justice and Children's Rights

The Presenters, leaders in the field of Human Rights Education will demonstrate human rights lessons pertaining to the Charlie-France situation, criminal justice issues of fairness and children's rights.

Reading a Video: Close Reading and Text Dependent Questioning

Coaches teach it so why don't classroom teachers? Develop your skills to guide students to better video comprehension. Participants will leave with practical strategies to use Monday morning.

Celebrating Social Responsibility through the Development of Actively Engaged Students

Focusing on civic learning, this interactive and engaging session will provide the knowledge and pedagogy necessary to successfully engage students to become responsible citizens at school and in their community.

Genius Hour: Creating a Love for Learning

Incorporate Genius Hour into your curriculum. See how it aligns with both C3 and CCSS and allows students to rediscover a love for learning. See how creativity transforms your classroom.

Wish Your Students Had Inquiring Minds: Try Question Quads!

Teach great question creation with this text-based strategy that facilitates inquiry, analysis, and rigorous discussion of complex text. Ensure that every student engages peers with thoughtful, deep and relevant questions.

What Makes People Bad? : Human Rights Violations & Psychology

Help students evaluate what motivates violations of human rights throughout history by examining psychological studies and experiments through the Socratic Seminar discussion model.

Sankofa: The Whitney Plantation Lecture and Tour

Through lectures, museum exhibits, memorial artwork, restored buildings and hundreds of first-person slave narratives, visitors to Whitney will gain a unique perspective on the lives of Louisiana's enslaved people.

Indigenous Rights: Teaching Global Citizenship and Sustainability

Explore indigenous identity through environmental activism from Guatemala to Louisiana. Native Kaqchikel Maya educator and local Louisiana teachers share innovative strategies to teaching global citizenship in the high school classroom.

Rescuers, Righteous and Resistance: Making Difficult Choices

A well-developed Holocaust curriculum allows students to recognize the complexity of choices made by individuals and gives them the opportunity to define their own roles and responsibilities in society.


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