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Secondary Level-High School

Human Rights and the U.N. Declaration of Human Rights in the Interdisciplinary Classroom

This session presents the application of human rights education in the development of interdisciplinary units of study between the historical and literary worlds in alignment with state and national standards.

Multiculturalism and Movies: Using Korean Films to Teach about Diversity

Exploring contemporary issues in a Korean movie enhances students' reflective thoughts and responsible actions about diversity. Deliberate discussion about foreign movies improves cross-cultural understanding and media literacy.

Watchers of the Sky: Global Citizens Making a Difference

This session focuses on "Watchers of the Sky," a film that examines the legacy of the Genocide Convention and features individuals engaged in an ongoing effort to prevent genocide.

Turn the Light On: Using Historical Inquiry in Social Studies

Social Studies comes alive for your students when you use historical inquiry. Learn how to implement and scaffold primary sources so that students become the historians and experts!

Service Learning with Civic Agriculture: The Revival of Victory Gardens

This presentation offers an overview, complete with lessons and resources, of the application of civic agriculture in the classroom to support students' development of civic responsibility within their community.

This is not a Test: Project-Based Learning in U.S. Government

Students learn civics by doing civics, inquiring into current issues through reading and discussion about public policy and then taking informed action to practice citizenship and to make a difference.

Discover What's New for Teachers from the Library of Congress

Join Library staff for lightning updates on new and enhanced features: teacher tools, professional development; primary sources; world culture artifacts; current legislation; social media; community connections and partnerships. Share discoveries!

Japan in World History: Teaching with the C3 Dimensions

Access classroom-ready, historical inquiry lessons on Japanese encounters with Buddhism, invading Mongols, modernity, and more. Explore effective C3 teaching practices regarding continuity and change and evaluating sources and evidence.

Understanding Special Education: Tailoring Social Studies for Exceptional Children

This workshop helps the beginning teacher understand the complex world of special education for social studies. Participants will acquire the basics of modification/ accommodation for the social studies classroom.

Attractions and Problems of Communism in Russia and China

Presenters share innovative units created for middle and high school classes that engage students in complex debates over why the Soviet Union fell and the causes of the Cultural Revolution.


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