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Secondary Level-High School

Toast the Constitution: Prohibition in the Progressive Era

What is the significance of the passage and repeal of Prohibition in American history? How did the role of government change during this time?

Promoting Historical Inquiry with Art and Popular Culture

Learn how to incorporate primary sources from art and popular culture into American History. Explore relevant source repositories, practice working with this content, and leave with ready-made lessons.

“The Fierce Urgency of Now”: Examining King’s Dream Speech Today

The 50th anniversary of The March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom invites us to re-examine Dr. King’s words and challenge students to explore contemporary struggles for justice.

Primary Sources, Critical Thinking, and the World War I Centennial

World War I laid the social and political fault lines of our world. Rediscover this war. Enhance your curriculum and encourage critical thinking with free multi-media resources and primary sources.

Teaching US History through Family History Research

This session will provide high school teachers with a hands-on lesson they can use with students to incorporate the topic of immigration while investigating their own family history.

Nothing to Laugh about: Using Comics in the Classroom

Come prepared to marvel as comics are transformed into artifacts that teach contextualization, historical thinking and address Common Core goals. History teachers will take away lesson ideas including Web-based projects.

Historical Thinking, Media Literacy, and Common Core in 4-12 Instruction

We present how one rural district's 3-12 social studies faculty took advantage of Universal Design for Learning and the Common Core Standards to become teachers of literacy and historiography.

The Psychology of Genocide

Millions of people have died in genocides around the world. Delve into the human psyche, exploring our capacity for committing genocide, as well as rescuing others from genocide.

Psychology and Sports: Relevance and Complex Issues

Why is batting .389 as significant as batting .422? Does the Wonderlict Test have predictive validity? Why are fans fanatical? Hormones, home runs, LSD, and the curious case of Doc Ellis.

Creating Global Citizens

New Global Citizens helps teachers to build students' Global I.Q. through project-, problem- and inquiry-based learning, digital literacy, Common Core connections, and leadership training.


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