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Secondary Level-High School

Vending Machine Economics: Content-Centered Learning and Planned Economics

Abstract economic principles and theories are often difficult for students to understand. Using a school's vending machines, students learn the fundamental principles of planned economics at the micro level.

Review Week: Using Pop Culture to Engage all Learners

Preparing for high-stakes tests is often a struggle for students and teachers. Learn engaging transdisciplinary strategies for review week using pop culture themes, like Harry Potter, for grouping and competition.

A New Approach to Social Media and Social Studies: Reddit

Attendees will be introduced to creative ways to use Reddit - an increasingly popular social networking site - to engage students in the social studies and democratic practices!

Sustainable Economic Growth in Germany: An Ongoing Success Story

Willkommen in Deutschland! Want to hear this greeting on your next educational experience? Travel to Germany to learn how its economy managed to sustain years of growth despite hard times.

STEM in the Social Studies Classroom: Using Google Custom Maps

Through the creation of virtual tours using Google Custom Maps, students engage in cultural inquiry. Participants will create a simple Google custom map containing photos, text, and customized pins.

#MyParty16- National Election Project of Student Created Political Parties

Join #MyParty16, a national election project next fall where students create their own political parties and compete against schools across the country. Use Project-Based-Learning to energize students around political issues.

The Intersection of Law and Psychology: Choose Your Path

Participants will consider issues related to social responsibility and the fields of law and psychology: Cruel and Unusual Punishment, Innocent by Reason of Insanity and Eyewitness Testimony.

The Power of Collaboration in World History

Learn how to integrate key elements of collaborative learning: empathy, communication, skill-building, and problem-solving through the use of three units of study designed specifically for World History.

The World Turned Upside Down: Investigating the Battle of Yorktown

This presentation will provide high school social studies teachers a lesson about using the Circle of Knowledge strategy to incorporate disciplinary literacy into their social studies lessons.

Exploring WWII: ArtiFACTS and Participants

Engage your students in World War II and expand their historical thinking skills with artifact and media based activities! Participants will receive primary sources and strategies to enhance their World War II units.


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