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Secondary Level-High School

Customized Multi-Media Learning in Economics for Students and Teachers

This session demonstrates how the online course Common Sense Economics for Life at Florida State's Stavros Center is customized for teaching common sense economics, standard economics, and personal finance courses.

New Perspectives on Using Music in the Social Studies Classroom

This presentation offers teachers an innovative framework, as well as resources, and tools to draw on music as a universal and relevant cultural artifact for social studies classrooms.

Teaching Human Trafficking Curriculum in High Schools: Does it Work?

Human trafficking is a global and domestic issue. This research based presentation examines the effectiveness of curriculum designed to inform high school students of the issue of modern day slavery.

Questioning the Curriculum: How Historical Inquiry Shapes Knowledge

Change in inquiry-based learning is a reflection of changing civic ideals in society. An analysis of types of inquiry in social studies reveals what has historically been deemed official knowledge.

Can We Sustain our Ballooning National Debt?

How AP Government, AP Macroeconomics teachers, and a Congressman facilitate student analysis of controversial issues and impact of the ballooning federal debt by participating in a federal budget simulation.

The Interview that Gets You the Social Studies Job

An NCSS perennial returns! Two NCSS past presidents and former high school administrators conduct a reality show: they ask audience volunteers to answer questions they actually used to hire teachers.

Connecting Estonia's Singing Revolution to Events in Ferguson & Beyond

Students benefit from explicit instruction of literacy and content strategies while comparing and contrasting Estonia's Singing Revolution to connecting events starting in Ferguson, MO in a primary source rich lesson.

Colonization and Independence in Africa: What is the Legacy Today?

Case studies from Ghana, Algeria, Kenya and the DRC explore the contested nature of colonization and decolonization. Participants also examine how cultural perspective can impact historical inquiry. Choices curriculum provided.

The U.S. in Vietnam: Lessons Learned?

The Vietnam War remains a central reference point for U.S. decision makers. Explore ten lessons in the Choices Vietnam curriculum (provided) while also evaluating and analyzing lessons learned.

Climate Change and Questions of Justice

Experience a curriculum (provided) that explores multiple perspectives on the causes, consequences and responsibilities of climate change, and ultimately asks students to develop their own policy on this global dilemma.


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