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Secondary Level-High School

Teaching American History through Art at the MFA, Boston

The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston houses one of the finest collections of American art. Learn how you can use the museum as a resource while meeting Common Core standards.

The Common Core in the History Classroom: Sources and Strategies

Using works of art from the 1913 Armory Show and primary sources covering concurrent social movements, participants will learn strategies to address the instructional shifts demanded by the CCSS.

Abraham Lincoln and His World: Problems of Slavery and Eman

Abraham Lincoln is one of America’s most beloved presidents. His presidential decisions have left a variety of historical interpretations on his views of equality and his role in ending slavery.

Motivate with Music and Media! The Hot 100+ Classroom Ideas

Experience classroom activities utilizing music and movie excerpts that help explain and interpret historical events in diverse ways for diverse learners. Packets of 100+ ideas provide resources for immediate use.

SkewU: Helping Students Become More Discerning News Viewers

Today's numerous information sources combined with politicized news reporting create a difficult environment for a student trying to sort fact from opinion. Skewed News Tutor's founder will share lesson ideas.

Psychology's National Standards and Literacy: Delivering on the Core

This session demonstrates how the APA's National Standards deliver Common Core content and literacy. This interactive session highlights key domains in psychology and provides comprehensive learning strategies for all students.

Gaming for Change: Learning about Global Issues through Serious Games

Serious online games are great media to engage students to learn about global issues. Theoretical perspectives, case studies, pedagogical approaches and sample lessons will be discussed in this session.

Old Man River: Humans and their Relationship with the Mississippi

Presentation focuses on human interaction with the Mississippi River. These primary sources will be used interactively: Mark Twain’s account of Life on the Mississippi, historic flood photography, and Google Earth.

From Montgomery to Soweto: Achieving Social Justice through Economics

Using the Montgomery bus boycott and anti-apartheid efforts in South Africa as examples, this session highlights how principles of economics can be applied to achieve social justice.

Youth Empowerment and Equity: The Law and Justice Curriculum Project

Come and explore Law and Justice, which empowers young people to solve problems, develop innovative solutions, and take civic action as members of the "fourth branch" of the U.S. government.


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