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Secondary Level-High School

Teach the Right Thing! Ethics in your Social Studies Classroom

Learn strategies to inspire ethical thinking in your classroom. Participants engage in a sample lesson and leave with practical materials applicable to any middle/high school social studies class

No Citizen Shall be Denied: The Fight for Voting Rights

Through this workshop for civics and history teachers, participants will utilize court cases and academic scholarship to analyze the historic and current condition of voting rights in today's American South.

Developing Social Responsibility: A Service Learning Project for Psychology

Help students learn to be better citizens by overcoming biases and giving back to their larger community. Learn how to establish a service learning project in your psychology course!

The Money Circle Curriculum Series 2.0

Advance students' knowledge of money through this free, eight-lesson curriculum that will engage and challenge them to apply both personal finance and economic perspectives when it comes to money.

Connecting Estonia's Singing Revolution to Events in Ferguson and Beyond

Students benefit from explicit instruction of literacy and content strategies while comparing and contrasting Estonia's Singing Revolution (1987-91)to connecting events starting in Ferguson, MO, in a primary source rich lesson.

Heroism, Horror, and Humanity of War: Analyzing Public Commemorations across History

Learn how students investigated memorials as a form of public history and as a window into how people of the past commemorated war.

Climate Change and Questions of Justice

Experience Choices’ C3-aligned curriculum (provided) that explores multiple perspectives on the causes, consequences and responsibilities of climate change, and ultimately asks students to develop policy on this global dilemma.

The U.S. in Vietnam: Lessons Learned?

The Vietnam War remains a central reference point for U.S. decision makers. Explore ten C3-aligned lessons in the Choices’ Vietnam curriculum (provided), while also evaluating and analyzing lessons learned.

Who's that Girl? The Role of Women in Political Images

Pictures speak louder than words, but students have a difficult time interpreting historical images. This interactive session engages participants in visual analysis of women in political images in world history.

From Reflection to Action: Developing Civic Responsibility and Agency

In this interactive workshop, Facing History and Ourselves and Mikva Challenge will explore engaging students in the power to create change aligned to the Inquiry and Action dimension of the C3 Framework.


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