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Secondary Level-High School

The Interview that Gets You the Social Studies Job

An NCSS perennial returns! Two NCSS past presidents and former high school administrators conduct a reality show: they ask audience volunteers to answer questions they actually used to hire teachers.

Heroism, Horror Humanity of War: Analyzing Public Commemorations across History

Learn how students investigated memorials as a form of public history and a window into how people of the past commemorated war.

Video Games in the Social Studies: Teaching and Assessment Strategies

Games are a staple in the adolescent learner's social diet. Instructors can draw on video game-based content and gaming grading systems to enhance student engagement and comprehension in social studies.

Can We Sustain our Ballooning National Debt?

How AP Government, AP Macroeconomics teachers, and a Congressman facilitate student analysis of controversial issues and impact of the ballooning federal debt by participating in a federal budget simulation.

Duck and Cover! Decision Making and Cold War Dilemmas

Using the rank order approach students must make value-based decisions to determine who stays in the fallout shelter. All participants receive free materials.

Teaching Human Trafficking Curriculum in High Schools: Does it Work?

Human trafficking is a global and domestic issue. This research based presentation examines the effectiveness of curriculum designed to inform high school students of the issue of modern day slavery.

What Would Adolf Do? The Fuhrerprinzip and the Holocaust

Through the study of primary source materials the structure of Nazi Germany, Hitler's role in the Holocaust, Hitler's Cult of Personality will be explored through the prism of social responsibility.

Customized Multi-Media Learning in Economics for Students and Teachers

This session demonstrates how the online course Common Sense Economics for Life at Florida State's Stavros Center is customized for teaching common sense economics, standard economics, and personal finance courses.

Who's that Girl?: The Role of Women in Political Images

Pictures speak louder than words, but students have a difficult time interpreting historical images. This interactive session engages participants in visual analysis of women in political images in world history.

Climate Change and Questions of Justice

Experience a curriculum (provided) that explores multiple perspectives on the causes, consequences and responsibilities of climate change, and ultimately asks students to develop their own policy on this global dilemma.


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